Ashfame | Tech Blog got a PR3

Hi friends!

I was busy with my exams and then to my surprise, I had my 3rd SEM practicals just from the next day of my exams. The good news I got while i was busy in studies that my blog hit a PR3. I know its not a big achievement but it is really big for me when I expected nothing.:D I was just aiming to have good content and to my surprise I got PR3. Well during this time, my traffic declined & I miss my last month target of attracting 5k visitors by 300 visitors only. I can surely improve it. For now, my PL(Preparation Leave) for University Exams has started and I will keep blogging as frequently as I can. Thanks to all of you for your support.


5 responses to “Ashfame | Tech Blog got a PR3”

  1. Congratulations, PR 3 within such a short duration isn’t that easy.

    Well done. 🙂

    1. Thanks! It just happened all of a sudden. I would have get better if I have focussed on getting backlinks but I was carried away with the part of creating more quality content. I will be ready for the next update.

  2. Congrats Ashish. Just keep writing good content and google will show more love on next update. :mrgreen:

  3. Thanks for your wishes! Lets hope for the best, keeping my efforts at their best.

  4. Everything go perfectly, and everything must be considered as an important achievement however small.