Google Adsense adds AD Management Feature

Google Adsense

Adsense is still on the track of making things more productive for its publishers. Recently they have launched a AD Management feature. Earlier after generating the code, publishers don’t have any option of saving it for future use or if they need to change the color, channel, cornering style etc, they need to regenerate the code but now we can do all of it direct from our adsense account.
While generating new code you can name each ad units so that you can distinguish it from other ad units. You can even apply this new feature to your old ad units and then modify their color, channel, cornering style etc right away from your adsense account and the changes will be reflected on your ads within 10 minutes.
Please note that the option to manage ads from within your account is only available for your AdSense for content units at this time.

Via [Adsense Blog]