Opera Mini v4 finally available

Opera Mini v4Opera Mini v4 is finally out of beta. For those who are unaware of Opera mini, it is a free web browser for mobiles that has the capabilities of putting the full web in your palm. Opera’s mobile software uses a remote server to pre-process Web pages before sending them to your phone. Web content is compressed to reduce the size of data transfers, enabling fast browsing experience.

For a complete list of feature, Opera Mini v4 has to offer, check this link.

Opera Mini Stimulator

To see Opera Mini in action, use the Opera Mini live demo.


Phone download

To download Opera Mini to your phone, visit operamini.com using your phone’s existing web browser and follow simple on-screen instructions. For additional detailed info, please follow the link below.

Download to phone

PC Download

Download Opera Mini to your computer and transfer to your phone using Bluetooth or USB connection. Choose the manufacturer and model of your phone in our wizard page.

Download to PC

SMS Link

Submit an SMS request from this page. You will receive a download link for Opera Mini directly to your phone.

Download using SMS link


5 responses to “Opera Mini v4 finally available”

  1. […] You can browse the internet on your smartphone and that too at a fast speed as pages are first compressed and then delivered to your phone. Its the most popular free web browser used these days. Read more about Opera Mini v4. […]

  2. Opera is fast & easy,though not having,but my friends does

  3. @Gafar
    Yes, Its one of those application on which I spent a large portion of time when I am using my cell phone.

  4. Olasukarr Avatar

    I have operamini 2.0 on my phone,bt it can not download,pls wht should i do?

  5. does it work with android ?