Gadgettrak : Recover Stolen Gadgets


GadgetTrak provides proven theft recovery solutions for a wide range of portable devices including cell phones, PDAs, removable media devices (iPods®, Sony PSPs® digital cameras, flash drives, GPS devices) and Apple computers. GadgetTrak USBâ„¢ is GadgetTrak’s patent-pending theft recovery system for removable media devices.

GadgetTrak USB software is installed on the storage device prior to being stolen. Now whenever, this device is used on any host, then it would communicate to their server transparently via an encrypted connection, even circumventing many common firewalls. If the device has been stolen, then a report is generated with the time, username, computer name, internal network address, location (country, state/region, city), ISP (Internet Provider Information) and other data that relates to that connection instance. They will also personally follow up with you to assist in the recovery of your device and can assist law enforcement with technical support as needed.

Although its a good concept but I doubt how much purpose it can really serve due to the following points:

  • It works only on Windows.
  • It requires a internet connection.
  • If the device is formatted, then forget it.
  • LifeHacker says it also requires the thief to fall for an Autorun trick that asks users to install a USB driver whenever the USB device is plugged in.

The Deal is to take precautions before hand so that your device never gets stolen. And if gets stolen before you had a chance to take precautions, then you can try


5 responses to “Gadgettrak : Recover Stolen Gadgets”

  1. Actually there is now a Mac client as well There have also been several recoveries.

    1. @Ken
      They still don’t fully support Mac.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. It works on Mac, the product is verey I. I just got it from Mac store for my MacBookPro.

    1. @Francis
      Congrats for your MacBookPro!
      Please see that herein this post I am solely talking of OS compatible for GadgetTrak USB. For GadgetTrak USB, Mac is still not fully supported.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Ashfame,

    Thanks for the post. Regarding the Lifehacker comment. Actually that is only one of the triggers. If they just attempt to access the drive it triggers the agent. If you like shoot me an email and I will set you up with a free copy so you can see for yourself.

    Kind Regards