Devabulator : Widget for bringing the best of deviantart


Devabulator is a widget for written for Konfabulator / Yahoo! Widgets that brings you the best digital art, wallpaper, paintings, photographs, literature etc. from deviantART to your desktop. You can use Devabulator to manage your desktop wallpaper too.

Latest Release is Devabulator v1.2 which has the following features:

  • View deviations in any deviantART category – offsets within each category are saved, so you can resume where you left off.
  • Customize the deviation slideshow using deviantART’s powerful search and filter capabilities.
  • Set your desktop wallpaper directly from Devabulator.
  • Download deviations.
  • Besides the automatic slideshow, you can force a switch to the next or previous deviation by using the arrows or pressing ‘n’ or ‘p’.
  • Customizable look & feel

Head over to the Developer’s page for more.