5 Things you would love to do on your smartphone

You are going to love these 5 things on your smartphone if you have an unlimited data plan.

Opera Mini (Web Browser)


You can browse the internet on your smartphone and that too at a fast speed as pages are first compressed and then delivered to your phone. Its the most popular free web browser used these days. Read more about Opera Mini v4.

emTube (Youtube Feasts)


emTube is an application for Symbian S60 3rd edition phones that allows you to:

– Search and browse videos on YouTube.
– Download selected videos onto your phone.
– Stream FlashVideo files directly from YouTube.
– Play local FlashVideo files.

Other features:
– Audio and position control during playback.
– Normal and full screen (portrait and landscape mode) video playback.
– Ability to use built in accelerometer to rotate video between portrait/landscape mode.

Download emTube

Google Maps (Maps on your phone)


You can have all the maps on your cell phone too. If you are not aware of Google Maps then I recommend checking the web version before. Check it out here. Like it or Love it. Its time to have it on your cell phone. Get it here.

Spodtronic (Internet Radio)


Music was missing on the list. Wasn’t it? Get Spodtronic to hit the internet radio on your phone. It allows you to listen to interactive radios, podcasts and other services. It even shows visual information on the song you are listening to and the best part is that its freeware, just the expense of a International SMS to activate it. Get it here.

Setup Gmail on your phone


You can catch up with your Gmail on the move on your cell phone. Read the complete tutorial : How to setup Gmail IMAP access in your smartphone?


2 responses to “5 Things you would love to do on your smartphone”

  1. I am not an opera fan but the smartphone version seems better than other browsers. I love emTube 😉

  2. @Ralph
    Opera mini rocks for sure. Also there are applications which let you do everything on your mobile that you can do on your computer. I will be writing a post about them in the near future.