How to backup your windows registry


Editing registry is often called by the name of Black Magic as you can edit all the settings from here. Not only those which can be changed through program interface but also those that are not available in the program interface by default. However playing with registry can render your computer unusable or severely malfunction, ending up with the need of a fresh installation of OS. You surely don’t want to waste time in installing the OS again. So here is the procedure by which you can take a backup of windows registry.
How to backup the whole registry?

# 1 Hit Ctrl + R and type in regedit and hit return key.

# 2 Select My Computer and select Registry from the menu and then select Export registry file.




# 3 Give a name such as backup and select save.


There you have your registry backup. Keep it in a safe position. I recommend keeping a copy of backup on a different computer too.

Bonus Tip : To take the backup of a particular key, select that key and repeat the above steps.


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