Disable Orkut + Google Talk integration


Google provides integration of Orkut & Gtalk for the following benefits:

  • Scrap notifications
  • Orkut friends are added to GTalk friends list
  • Your GTalk status is shown to your friends on Orkut

Now if Orkut + GTalk integration serve this much of benefits, then why would one want to disable their integration? Reason being that I am always most of the time online on GTalk and don’t use Orkut. I consider it as a time waster. I only use it to get in touch with friends but that is something that I am not into all the time. In such a case if any of my friends scrap me and I am busy in something or the worst case, I missed the notification, my friends think that I am ignoring them. Now thats the reason why I am considering disabling Orkut + GTalk integration.

Do you also find yourself in the same scenario? What you do in such a case? If you know of anything else that can be done in such a case then please share it with me & other readers in the comment.


9 responses to “Disable Orkut + Google Talk integration”

  1. Hey , i think the option is in orkut settings where you can enable or disable the google talk integration .. cheers !!!

  2. @Kanak
    I know that. I am waiting for opinions on whether to do it or not. ❓

  3. I disabled it a week after enabling. Reason: Privacy issues as you said.

  4. @Josh
    I rarely use Orkut now but I still have the integration. Thanks for your comment.

  5. I think its option should be there in orkut account. As I want to change my google Id which is already integrated into the orkut account. For it I have to disable my all google application from the orkut So how can I do this.

    Actually I want to delete my all Google account and want to have new one which can be integrated into the orkut account. As googleID can’t be changed(is it right”)

  6. @Vinay
    Google ID can’t be changed.
    Glad that an IITian has commented. Keep visiting.

  7. siddharth Avatar

    how to disable the lock from orkut ……plz tell…. my orkut …. ID has been locked

  8. nizamuddin Avatar

    my orkut is disable a week but i want to enable this……..pls follllllllll…

    1. Do you mean your Orkut account is disabled? Get in touch with their support