5+1 Ways of promoting your Blog/Site/Brand name in your college

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Being an engineering student, several ideas come into my mind, all at the same time. This post is the real scenario that you can see in my college campus. Coming straight to the article, I give you 5+1 Ways of promoting your Blog / Site / Brand name in your college.

[Dial Up Users Warning]

#1 Graffiti


  • Use graffiti to brand yourself. Our college has a graffiti wall which is redesigned every year on fest. I will be branding myself this year.
  • If you are really good at hand (drawing), go create a graffiti art anywhere you would like to. Be it a desk, board, table anywhere in your wild imagination.

# 2 Custom designed T-shirt


  • Why not have a wear a custom T-shirt with your brand name or logo. I will soon be ordering one.
  • You can gift such apparel to your friends so that you get more publicity.

# 3 Girls hostel


  • You don't have to break into Girls hostel for this (Yes, In our college boys are not allowed to enter girl's hostel 😥 )
  • A good and a very true quote : Fastest mean of communication - Women. Need faster? Tell her not to tell anyone.
  • Do it your way, My Brand "Ashfame" is being promoted in girl's hostel. Ask your friend to write your Brand name on Wall or Mirror or anywhere that has good visibility. Try it. It had done wonders for me.

# 4 Use your brand name more than your own name

  • My name is Ashfame Ashish Saini. I am in a habit of this.
  • Promote when you are writing program in Labs.


  • Use Brand name for bluetooth name of your mobile, logo as your wallpaper on mobile and tell your friends to save your cell number by your Brand name. This is not going to give you any SEO advantage but trust me it becomes viral.
  • Don't even leave your stationery. Just leave your project reports. 😆


  • Burn disks & create folders by Brand name.


  • Don't spare Social networking sites. Check my Orkut profile.


I can go on this, beyond the scope of article. So just a simple advice for you. Use your wildest imagination.

# 5 Be a Decent, Helpful & Influential personality


  • Help fellow mates on tech issues.
  • Carry a cool attitude (Explain even the smallest thing in detail considering your listeners as noobs)
  • It gives a very good feeling when someone ask for help and advice. Even if you don't have much info about that topic, ask for time and do some research on the subject. This enables you to help others and also learn many things yourself.

# 6 WARNING -> Hack College or University Site


  • Don't attempt to try this one if you don't know what you are going to attempt. This thing can really get you in trouble. I am mentioning it just for the sake of mentioning it.
  • Leave a tag of your Brand after you have hacked the institution's site.
  • Got Guts? Got Brains? Still need anything else?...huh?

Do you also adopt any weird methods of promoting your online presence in your college campus? Have your say in the comments.

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