How to take a screenshot of the screen saver

Taking screenshots in window is a very easy task. You just need to press a single key. If you are not aware of this, look at your keyboard and find the key “Print Screen”, just to the left of scroll lock. You just need to press this key and a screenshot is taken and it is saved to the windows clipboard. Now you can paste it in any image editing software and save it. Many computer users have some really cool screen saver of celebrities or their fantasies of which they would like to take a screen shot but you can’t take it because pressing a key will bring you out of the screen saver view. Don’t worry there is a work around for it. :mrgreen:

You will need a software (freeware) named Irfanview (Review of Irfanview 4). In Irfanview there is a option for taking the screenshot according to the time interval specified. It can be used to take the screenshot while screensaver is active.

Step # 1 From the menu, select Options and then Capture / Screenshot.


Step # 2 Select options as shown in the screenshot and choose time according to you. Below that you can specify where to save the screenshot.

Step # 3 Now right click on empty space on the desktop. Choose properties and select Screensaver tab.

Step # 4 Select the screensaver of whose you want to take screenshot and click preview.

Step # 5 Now come back to Irfanview window. Click Start and Irfanview will start taking screenshots according to the time interval specified.


Keep taking screenshots till you want and exit Irfanview when you are done.

Now Enjoy! Do left your comments to let me know how you find the trick.


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  1. Nice tutorial. But only few occasion we may need to take the screenshot of screensaver. 🙂

  2. @Nirmal
    Yeah I know that very well but are not tutorials for things in which you need assistance? Not necessarily you know everything you need to do and thats what people search for. I just came up with this idea and thought of sharing it with others.

  3. “SnapIt” capture screenshot better (3d, video …)

  4. Came to this page via Stumbleupon, you have really cool blog.

  5. @Raj
    Thanks. Keep visiting for more. 🙂

  6. NormanD Avatar

    This elaborated “Rube Goldberg” type procedure is not required at all. ➡ Simply do the following:
    1. Press and hold the [Shift] button
    2. Go to Control Panel > Display > Screensaver tab > choose a screensaver > press [Preview] > wait for the saver to load, start and reach a point where you want you snapshot taken > press [Print Screen].
    NOTE: The good thing is that you have already taken a screenshot, but the saver is STILL running! Thus you can take another shot (if you are not satisfied with the first one) without the need to restart even this simple sequence.
    3. Move you mouse to stop the screensaver preview from sunning.
    4. Open Paint or whatever your favourite image editing software is. Paste the image there by pressing CTRL+V, CTRL+Insert or by (in most cases) the Edit > Paste menu.
    5. Enjoy! 😀

    1. Dyani-Alexandra Johnson-Cordray Avatar
      Dyani-Alexandra Johnson-Cordray

      NormanD, you are AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much!!

  7. @NormanD
    Thanks for your valuable comment. 🙂

  8. I’ve always wanted to show my friens my favourite wallpapers and screensavers, but I couldn’t get screensaver picture. Now – THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH! – I know how to do it and I can sent scerrns of my screensaver to everyone!

    1. You are welcome! 🙂

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