How to transfer files between computer and mobile device using bluetooth

What is Bluetooth? How can I have it on my computer? Bluetooth wireless technology is a communication technology that allows two devices to communicate wirelessly. Most of the notebooks are nowadays equipped with bluetooth. For those notebooks or computers that don’t, you can use a bluetooth dongle to add the functionality and it just costs […]


What is Bluetooth? How can I have it on my computer?

Bluetooth wireless technology is a communication technology that allows two devices to communicate wirelessly. Most of the notebooks are nowadays equipped with bluetooth. For those notebooks or computers that don’t, you can use a bluetooth dongle to add the functionality and it just costs you around $5. Although higher price range bluetooth dongles are available but it makes no sense of buying them if you just plan to connect your mobile device to the computer. Look for one that has Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR (Enhance Data Rate) supporting speeds of upto 3Mbps and with Vista support. You can easily have one of that kind in just $5.

Setting up bluetooth to work on your computer

  1. Just Insert the bluetooth dongle in the USB.
  2. It should get detected by your Operating System and should be ready to use. In case it is just detected as a new hardware, you need to install drivers for it that came with your bluetooth dongle (You can try Google to find the drivers).
  3. Once drivers are installed, a bluetooth notification icon will appear in your system tray.
  4. Right Click on it to access Settings (This may vary with your bluetooth dongle).
  5. Make sure you have turned Discovery On (It allow others to see your computer).
  6. Switch Onthe bluetooth on the mobile device.


To transfer files from PC to Mobile

There are different methods by which you can send files. Again this might vary with your bluetooth dongle. You have the option of selecting the tray icon and then select Send a file or alternatively you can Right Click on the file and select Send To. Both the method sending files may or may not be available with every bluetooth dongle you use. But both the method invokes the same thing that we will invoke directly to transfer files and is available in the WinXP built.

1. Hit Win + R, type in fsquirt and hit Ok.


2. Select Next and then select Send a file.


3. Hit Browse for searching the device and select your device in the next window.



4. Select Next and then select the file to send via bluetooth by clicking on browse.


5. Select Next and it will try to connect with the device selected.


6. Accept the incoming connection on the mobile device and the transfer starts.


To transfer files from Mobile to PC

Your PC cannot accept files if you just send files from your bluetooth device. Although it will get detected but you will receive a message “Unable to connect”. You need to make your PC ready to accept incoming connections.

1. Hit Win + R, type in fsquirt and hit Ok.


2. Select Next and then select Receive a file.


3. Your PC is now waiting for incoming connections.


4. Send the file via bluetooth from your mobile device to PC by selecting Send via Bluetooth option.

5. The transfer will start and when it is completed, you are asked for the location where you want your file to be saved.



Bonus Tip :

You can create a shortcut to simply greet you with the option of either sending or receiving a file.

Right Click on empty space on your desktop. Select New > Shortcut. Type in fsquirt and you are done.

Now you can use this shortcut everytime you need to transfer files between your PC and mobile device.

Several people were asking how they can transfer multiple files at once so they don’t have to repeat the instructions for recieving every single file so I would like to update it here. First of all the solution depends on your case. If you are using a cell phone, then try using its Pc suite software. It might offer a functionality to access phone’s content directly and then you can select and copy all the stuff at one go. Secondly, if you are using some other device, then you can try a software called Blue Soleil.


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    By the method described here, you need to accept each file manually.
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    • Ashfame says:

      @Earl Kulog
      You can use PC suites for cell phones & mobiles. Other than that using some third party softwares like Blue Soleil (pardon me if the spelling is incorrect I have corrected the name) can access the phone all at once and let you copy multiple files at a time.

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      Yes you can share files among them via PAN (Personal Area Network). Use Bluesoleil for this. Its very easy. Speed of Bluetooth is not high enough to transfer large files. Decide as per your requirements and regarding connecting to the printer, I didn’t get your point exactly. However I have heard of printers who come with Bluetooth integrated and can print files over a Bluetooth connection.

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