Slopsbox – Fight the spam (Free temporary email with inbox)


What is Slopsboxâ„¢ and why do you need it?

Slopsboxâ„¢ is a tweaked translations of the site’s Swedish predecessor Slaskpost. Slopsboxâ„¢ is the e-mail address you give out to anyone, the e-mail address you use to register for random services that requires you to submit one. It’s a long-finger up the butt to spammers who think they can fool you into giving them your real one. Slopsboxâ„¢ is the inbox you don’t care about. But Slopsboxâ„¢ cares about you, your privacy and we want your spam, because we think it’s tasty!

Slopsboxâ„¢ is great when you need to retrieve the information from an e-mail but don’t want to reveal your identity.

How to use Slopsboxâ„¢?

Whenever you need to use a random service on internet just sign up with a email id like and now if you want to access the inbox just go to the slopsbox homepage and login there using the email & typing the captcha. And there you got your inbox. 😎




However, bear in mind that they don’t accept any attachments and received mail automatically get deleted after 24 hours.

Do you know or use any such service? Share yourself in the comments. 😉


5 responses to “Slopsbox – Fight the spam (Free temporary email with inbox)”

  1. This is bad, really bad for people who would like to contact a person.
    Bad for serious sites where Slopsbox is being used.

    Thought, good thinking behind the idea.

  2. @Karl
    Who is using slopsbox for official work?

  3. – fast & easy!

    1. thanks for sharing another service 🙂