How to select text in command prompt

No matter how many softwares are launched these days for automated tasks but I still love the DOS interface. I love Command prompt. So today I will tell, how you can copy text from a command prompt window like you can do in other softwares. Before I tell you how to do it, I want you to try out your hand first.

  • Hit Win+R or Start>Run.
  • Type in cmd and hit Return key (Enter).
  • Try copying the text.

Tried? Ok then. Lets proceed. Whenever you want to copy text from command prompt window, do the following:



  • Right Click on the window.
  • Select Edit > Mark.
  • Now you can select the text by highlighting it.
  • Hitting enter after selecting the text will copy the selection to clipboard.
  • Paste it anywhere you want.

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2 responses to “How to select text in command prompt”

  1. shaileskhachane Avatar

    i am a third year computer student doing engineering in computers

    we have to often use the graphic function in ‘c’ programming and we have to copy the output of the program
    but we are not able to do so in windows xp…
    we have to take output copy from windows 98
    even the printscreen button does not work if the program is using the graphic function
    is there any way we can copy the screen from windows xp
    help appreciated

  2. @shaileskhachane
    I haven’t tried it yet. I will let you know if I found some workaround.