Sify servers providing high speed internet (17Mbps/4Mbps)


Every internet user has a unstable download speed to uplaod speed ratio. The ratio always being greater than one. Although connections with stable ratio do exist but they are very rare and atleast not in India.

I am on a 64 Kbps (150MB day time limit and night unlimited) internet connection and usually gets 60-62 Kbps as download speed and 50-60 Kbps as upload speed. What happened with me yesterday made me wondering. I was downloading a small file (~4 MB) and before I can see the download starting, it was completed. I thought of it to be a browser issue, I ignored it and tried downloading the file again just to find that it has again completed in no time. Out of curiosity, I checked my speed and was surprised to see the results and I bet you will be surprised too.


I was getting ~17 Mbps as download speed and ~4 Mbps as upload speed.
I thought of downloading movies but then the day time limit shatters my excitement but still browsing heavy pages and downloading small files was a cool experience.

I was excited to know what could be the reason that Sify servers were so kind to me. I tried googling around but didn’t found any reason regarding what can cause the servers to leak bandwidth to random connections.

Has it ever happened to you with your ISP? What did you do downloaded in such a case? Do you have any idea what can be the reason for getting such enormous speeds?


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  2. buddy sify server’s sumtimes boosts up…

    njoy till d time they r given u such speeds,soon u will b back to ur speed :mrgreen:


  3. @Vinay
    I am interested to know the reason why their servers boost up random connection.
    Do they have to reach a certain level of bandwidth consumption and when they are away from it, they boost up random connections. :mrgreen:

  4. Oh wow!!! Thats called SPEED!!!

  5. @Joel
    I would call that insane speed. ๐Ÿ˜›
    In India highest bandwidth connections are of 8 Mbps only. Never heard of plans offering greater bandwidth than 8 Mbps.

  6. tell me how hack download speed sify server thank u

  7. I have faced the same thing for about 4-5 times.. and downloaded somewhere around 4-6GB in just 10 hrs of nite.. it started from 10pm and stopped at 8 in morning.. still I have no idea why and how.. if u know how, then please share it with me..

  8. @Ashfame u r rite.. even when I notice this the speed was 700-900kbps of download rate that means around 6-8mbps not more than that.. even the cable they use cannot provide more than 10mbps..

  9. @Sunil, Ravi
    I can’t replicate this. Ask Sify. ๐Ÿ˜†

  10. MANISH Avatar



  11. @Manish
    The 64Kbps plan will give only 8KBps speed. There is no way of increasing speed beyond this. You should go for other ISPs checking the availability in your area.

  12. what happen when your sify account expired…and internet continues…..

  13. @Manish
    Was that a question or a taunt?

  14. Hey Guys!

    Could u plz tell me how to login in sify account if they are already expired?

    Plz mail me all the configuration (along with IP) and once again plz mail me….

  15. look at what speed i got…


  16. @San
    Thats more of insane speed! What you used it for?
    Negative. Renew is a better option.

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  18. Azeem Contractor Avatar
    Azeem Contractor

    Well i am a sify user and i have the 256kbps internet connection usually my download speed is 30kbps but one day it reached 114kbps amazingly i recalled my memory and found that when i right click on any streaming video and go into options menu there i can choose the speed i need for internet since mine allows 256kbps at one point it reached 200kbps also but it wasn’t for long

  19. mitul Avatar

    hey!!! it never happened with me but getting 256 kbps (day)/ 512 (night) for free is better than getting such high speed for only couple of minutes!!!

  20. You must be connected to a LAN and someone in your LAN had already downloaded the file. In such cases utorrent or any other torrent cliet works as normal LAN software like ODC and DC++ . Hence, the speed.

    1. @Anubhav
      I doubt it can. Torrent clients work on torrent files which contains information required to know about peers and seeds of that torrent. How come it will fetch from LAN then?

  21. i m also wondering about this thing i have downloaded more than 12 GB in just 10 hours ………………………if any one has any idea how to do it manually plz share

  22. i don’t know how it happens but few weeks ago i was getting download speed of 5 mbps/sec . eventually i also use sify . It happened at night and 1.2 gb movie was downloaded in in just 40 minutes . It never happened again …

  23. On Sify, I only once got 80 as download (10 times) on a 64 Kbps connection. Nothing more than that. But when I switched to MTNL 256Kbps UL, I got 2Mbps UL for almost 8-9 months for just Rs 599/month! I even complained to MTNL so that I don’t get billed more, but they said – people complain for low speed, why r u complaining for high speed? Enjoy while it lasts.

    But now I am back to 256UL. I enjoyed those 8-9 months thoroughly.

    1. That’s cool! I wish I will get something like that some day and I will fill a new HDD with HD content. ๐Ÿ™‚