Opera Mini v4.1 beta launched


My all time favorite mobile browser Opera Mini has launched the beta of their next version which offers feature that can blow you off. Earlier Opera Mini v4 was lacking certain features that have been implemented in this version. If you are unaware of Opera Mini, it is a phone browser which is capable of bringing the power of whole internet into your cell phone. It is also faster and delivers pre-compressed pages so that you are charged less for your data usage plan and pages are loaded faster.

New features of Opera Mini v4.1 are:

Faster Speed

Opera servers have been upgraded so that their response time is increased by 50%. Pages are now delivered faster. Feel the difference yourself.

Find things faster
It lets you search for text within a Web page so you can get to the information you need. Just like you can search for text within a page in your desktop browser.

Get to your Web sites faster

Now Opera Mini will suggest you the URL address as you type in the address bar by tracking URLs from the history and bookmarks. Pretty smart feature in a mobile browser.

Download and upload files

On phones with JSR-75, users can now even upload or download without being directed to the phone’s native browser. Download without leaving the Opera mini browser interface.

Save pages for later viewing

On phones with JSR-75, users can now save pages on their memory so that they can view them later when they are offline. Like you will be out of cellular reception, as in planes, so you can save pages.

Existing features of Opera Mini v4 are :

Sync bookmarks and Speed Dial

You can sync your bookmarks and speed dials between Opera mini (mobile browser) and Opera browser (desktop browser). You will need a account with them in order to do so. Just select Sync feature from the browser and it will be updated with the latest copy of your bookmarks. This makes work easier when you you use internet sometime on computer and sometime on mobile. One of the coolest feature of Opera Mini so far.

View pages in Landscape mode

You have the option of viewing pages either in portrait or landscape mode. Press * # to change viewing mode. It would be better if this can be integrated with accelerometer feature in Nokia N95, Apple iphone etc.

Give your phone a mouse

Yes you have a cursor on your mobile browser too. You can move it and click on any link as you do on desktop browsers. Just push your joystick in any direction and it will run in that direction. It’s the best option that you can have other than having a mouse itself.

Power scrolling shortcuts

You can scroll faster by pressing the shortcuts i.e. 2 for down, 4 for left, 6 for right and 8 for up respectively. Pressing these shortcut keys you can scroll as much as you can see on screen at a time. Very useful on mobiles that don’t have large screens like blackberry phones. Very easy to use even on phones with small screens.

Create custom search shortcuts

You can grab search option on a Web page and then choose “Create search” within your menu alternatives. Then you can enjoy making frequent searches without having to type in the site link again.

Tools and support for Web designers

Opera developers support web designers who want to make their Web sites look even better to those browsing with Opera Mini. They will assist web designers to look their sites pixel perfect in Opera Mini browser. So, if you are a web designer and your visitors are mobile users then you might want to contact them.

Opera Mini can be downloaded via many options but I would suggest you to download it directly from your mobile. Completely hassle free procedure. Its just a little above 100KB in size.

To Download Opera Mini 4.1 beta, visit mini.opera.com/beta using your phone’s existing Web browser and click on one of the links to download Opera Mini.

Opera Mini Stimulator
To see Opera Mini in action, use the Opera Mini live demo.


5 responses to “Opera Mini v4.1 beta launched”

  1. I have been using Opera Mini since October. Will upgrade to it soon.

  2. This time they have released with some awesome features…i have been using it for about when opera 3.0 was released….and from that it has really improved a lot….neways nothing beats opera mini…cheers

  3. @Madhur, Abhishek
    It rocks for sure but their beta is buggy. Many of the new features are not working for me. Anyone with same experiences?

  4. looks good, thanks for the review!

  5. Oh yes, this is my favorite browser on my Sony Ericsson P1i.