Fastest way of finding proxy sites

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Has it ever happened with you that some or the other sites are blocked at your working place. Recently our college net lab has blocked several sites including gmail and several forums and the funny part is that orkut is accessible. I guess Orkut isn’t blocked because it gives the management an opportunity to earn some bucks in terms of fine. Coming back to the point, I saw many people searching for working lists of proxies so that can access their favorite’s site but it takes very hard to search a good list of working proxies.

Today I am going to share a quick and effective method of finding proxies, no need to find working lists. Just get one and test if its working. I use StumbleUpon Search feature in the toolbar to quickly find a proxy site by searching for proxy and then we can see if its working at our place.

stumbleupon search

You can get yourself a StumbleUpon account and install the toolbar to start using this tip. You can even use this tip to create a list of proxies (probably finite, I wouldn’t count though).

How do you find the trick? What method do you use to find proxies? Do let me know through the comments.


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  1. David Raning Avatar
    David Raning

    Heres a few web proxy sites if you’re looking
    Sneaky Proxy
    Facebook Proxy
    Free Online Proxy
    Bypass Site

    Myspace Bypass

  2. Well, usually most proxys are blocked, so the best thing to do is make your own proxy on your own server. Make sure you gut your proxy of all things that may make it blocked. Check out my tut if your interested!

    I included a finished sample you can test.

  3. there are no stupid proxies that f****** work… jk but yea

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