Blog Statistics For July 2008

Hello everyone!
Its time for me to publish July’08 stats as this month saw the highest number of visits. Earlier I was away so didn’t publish stats for 3 months but now I can and here it is :

July 2008 Blog Statistics

  • Visits: 23,357
  • Pageviews: 35,376
  • Pages per Visit: 1.51
  • Bounce Rate: 62.11%
  • Avg. Time on Blog: 1 minutes 17 seconds
  • % New Visits: 93.49%

The reason for the highest traffic was SU spike on a post about linux 3D effects.

Favorite Posts of July’08

The feed count touch a maximum of 148 subscribers (So, people are finally subscribing! heh). If you want to keep yourself updated with what I write here, then go ahead and subscribe via RSS or get to know RSS. You can even opt for email updates (look in sidebar).

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Youtube Downloader will be fixed soon! Thanks to one of our reader for reminding me about it.

And if you are wondering why I am blogging less or why I am less online, then you need to know I am trying to be more human as human is a social animal.

Keep visiting and thanks for your support. I am all open for suggestions.


5 responses to “Blog Statistics For July 2008”

  1. Nice stats, keep it up, looking forward to seeing better stats next month 😀

  2. Great going buddy. All the best for this month

  3. @Keith, Madhur

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