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zoho online invoicing service

As I will be starting as a freelancer, I was looking for a free way of invoicing my clients but I was not able to find any good free service. All of them were paid and since I don’t have much time, I will be opting only for a few projects. I needed a service that is good enough and free at the same time. My search ended when I landed on Zoho service page. Zoho offers online invoicing service that just suits my needs. They both have free and paid options.

zoho online invoicing service

Zoho Dashboard

zoho online invoicing service

Zoho Invoices

Features & Benefits

  • Elegant invoices and quotes
    Quickly, easily send elegantly formatted invoices and quotes to your clients.
  • Manage invoices and payments
    Track invoices, send reminders, accept payments online and acknowledge receipts.
  • Multi currency
    Expand your business overseas, send invoices and quotes in different currencies.
  • Data Security and backup
    24×7 monitoring, automated replication, back-up and protection of the data.
  • Invoice Templates
    Select from our pre-defined set of templates or create your own custom template.
  • Recurring Invoices
    Automate repeated billing via recurring invoices.
  • Import and Export data
    Freedom to move data import and export data to/from the system whenever you want in standard formats.
  • Customer Product Invoice Reports
    Powerful reports to help you visualize how your business is doing


They offer a free plan that let you bill 5 invoices per month and above that they have paid plans from $5 (Basic), $15 (Standard), $25 (Premium) and $35 (Elite) per month. The free plan is just perfect for me as I don’t do much of freelancing and only takes up small to medium size projects.

My Opinion

If you are a freelancer who needs good quality free online invoicing service, then Zoho’s free plan is the best for you (5 Invoices free per month). If you want to opt for a paid option, then you should also consider other paid services to know what other services offer in the same price package. You can use your existing Google or Yahoo account to login in Zoho.

Visit : ZOHO Online Invoicing

Zoho also offers other services, you can check them out at ZOHO Homepage.

Have your say in the comments and let me know what you use to bill your client (free or paid).


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