Ajaxload.info lets you download custom loaders


Today while struggling with a twitter tutorial to pull out updates on html, I came to know of a service with the help of which you can generate 35+ types (37 to be exact as of now) of loading gif images which you can use in your own projects. The service is based on ajax. It lets you specify the background color & foreground color and then you can generate your own loader gif image. Cool! Isn’t it? Here are some of the loaders I created to show to you all.

Example #1
Example #2
Example #3

So go and bookmark the site as you will love it when you will need a custom colored loader gif image.

Visit Ajaxload.info


One response to “Ajaxload.info lets you download custom loaders”

  1. hi there!
    I made with photoshop animated myspace banners.
    take a look at them:
    Thank you for your site 😉 xoxoxo