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We all love playing around a bit. Now Don't we? So this time I am sharing about a service that combines the face detection technology with automated image manipulation scripts (like in photoshop) to create very interesting images. The above screenshot is what all images you can create with your face.

If any single of them was created a image using photoshop, then it would have taken some good photoshop skills and time as ingredient but thanks to services like Photofunia which makes the fun process really simple. You are advised to use images which are of good quality to get awesome results. Here is one which I made using Photofunia :


I was not having a higher resolution image of my face, so many of the effects produced unsatisfactory results. Why don't you try it? Did you like Photofunia? Do you know of any such service? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Wow, this one is cool.

  • @Madhur
    Yes, its great to have such tools.

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  • @stratosg
    Sure buddy! I have told her about you. She will get in touch with you. 🙂

  • farhan

    can anyone please tell me do i start usin the photofunia…n how can i add affects to it!

  • luv

    cool service

  • This indeed is a good post and no doubt about its being funny. But i have a suggestion to make. Please include, if its a online service or software; if its free or paid. If its online, do add link, so that user can go dierectly there. By not providing link you are making
    the issue complicated. Read this>go to google> google it>go through the search result (i believe this would be d first on list)>visit the site.

    Very few of net user will take that trouble, if you provide a link, its just 1 click away. that’s it.

    Best of Luck

  • great dude!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

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    yr i need dt PhotoShop….yr tl me one thng…tum ye sb likhte kaha se ho..(i mean apne blog me). kisi book se ya fir net pe he search mar mar k likhte ho….

  • siju

    it is very nice
    how to create this?
    which software using to crate this?

    • A big apology to all. The link has now been added to the Photofunia service.

  • Andrew P.

    Photofunia is really nice site. – funny photos online is another great site with different templates and daily updated with a new effect.

  • @Andrew
    Thanks for sharing!

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    .great dude!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!


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