WordOff strips unwanted stuff from what you pastes in WYSIWYG editors from Word


I never personally use Word for the purpose of publishing content but my sister always copy paste tables from word documents to her site and then she would complain that the formatting is not followed by WordPress editor as it actually retains the formatting from the Word document. I just told her not to paste in Visual mode but then she can’t take the pain of creating tables (all those tags <table> <td> <tr> repeated almost infinitely for her).

I looked around and found a service named WordOff which does the job of stripping crap from what we paste into What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editors. This service isn’t a service actually, it was build for a demonstration. Coming back to the point, it does the job of removing unwanted span tags from the code very easily and will give you back a neat code.

Here is what you need to do

  • Copy Paste into WYSIWYG Editor as you normally would.
  • Switch to HTML mode and then copy the whole code from there.
  • Paste into WordOff and then click on “clean up” button.
  • Take the clean code back from here and paste it over the previous content in HTML mode only.

There you go with some clean sweet code. Since WordOff was just made for demonstration and not as a real deal, we can’t expect much from this. It doesn’t work well if you throw in the whole html code for a page but hey it gets the job done for some users pretty likely the way they want.

So, was this share a useful one? Did you ever felt the need of such a thing? Would you ever use it? Have your say in the comments.


2 responses to “WordOff strips unwanted stuff from what you pastes in WYSIWYG editors from Word”

  1. Indeed this is a nice service,and again I’ve one suggestion to make. when proving link to external blog, chose open link in new windows. This will retain the viewer in your blog. by letting them open your link in the existing windows, all you are doing is showing them the exit door. I hope i made my self clear
    best of luck

  2. saini teri kami khal ri hai hostel me!!!!