Sketchswap – Create sketches and swap them

I stumbled upon a great fun tool named SketchSwap that let you draw sketch in your browser and then you click on “Submit drawing” for approval. Your sketch will swap with one of the approved sketches and I must say they have a good collection of 25000 sketches. Your sketch once manually approved by them will be available for swapping with other users. Also they hold the right of doing anything with your sketches once they are approved. I am not good at drawing and when it comes to drawing with a mouse, it becomes more difficult for me. But all those approved sketches are finer in details as they were drawn using a graphic tablet.

If you are bored with your usual work, this tool for drawing sketches can kill your boredom and remind you of your childhood days. Don’t we used to draw a lot in our childhood?

Sample of my Sketch


Swapped Sketch


A cool tool to fight your boredom and be an artist like you used to be in your childhood. Do you know of any free online drawing tool? Share with us in the comments.


5 responses to “Sketchswap – Create sketches and swap them”

  1. that was fun… i’m terrible though ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. @stratosg
    Not everyone is an artist with mouse. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. I know a lad that works with me who is amazing with microsoft paint and will love this. Cheers

  4. chrisiscrysis Avatar

    for those who found the above site interesting here is another such site that you shouldnt miss!

  5. @Neil
    Thanks for sharing!