Picreflect create reflection of images

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A few months back many blogs were having logos with a mirror reflection of their brand name which in my terms was appealing and worth for the time you opt a professional logo design. Earlier Photoshop or Gimp (Image Editing Softwares) were used to create such effects but now there are automated scripts which can do the same job with a lot of ease. Picreflect (in beta right now) is a similar service I thought would be the worth the share with you.

You just need to make selections such as the height of reflection, transparency and resizing options along with some minor selections. Upload the image either via a direct link from the web or from your computer and click on “Generate”. From the next page, you can save the image on your computer.

Here is an example of reflection of my logo:


Have fun creating reflection in your images.


5 responses to “Picreflect create reflection of images”

  1. Hey, thanks. I don’t know Photoshop much. So, this will be useful for me.

  2. @Rishi
    Glad to help you! 🙂

  3. I have never managed to master photoshop so these types of things help me greatly when creating graphics for my websites

  4. Have never tried GIMP ! will check it out soon

  5. @Free Wii @luv
    Yeah these scripts save a lot of time. Try them on and have fun.