Download Windows 7 Transformation Pack for Windows XP


Microsoft has officially confirmed that Windows 7 (Codenamed Vienna) is not going to be released until early 2010. However, fresh rumors claim the release date to be June 3, 2009 – whatever the case maybe, we are not going to see the new OS anytime soon, so here we have another cool Windows Vienna Transformation Pack for Windows XP.


Windows 7 / Vienna Transformation Pack Features

  • Vienna Navigator.
  • Cool Superbar.
  • Windows 7 Visual Styles.
  • Sounds.
  • Windows 7 wallpapers.
  • Cursor Set.
  • Windows Vienna Logon Screen.
  • Windows Vienna Bootskin.
  • All the required applications to apply these effects.

The Transformation Pack is 60MB in size. You can download it from Megaleecher.

Although tranformation packs slow down old computers or I should say computers with not enough graphics processing power. I never felt the drop in performance with my ATI HD 4850. Its good if you have a graphics card inside your cabinet. Have your say in the comments.

[via Megaleecher]


11 responses to “Download Windows 7 Transformation Pack for Windows XP”

  1. Looks interesting….esp the superbar…

  2. Jesus just fucking switch OSs already – it’s unbelievable that you’re re-styling the old version to sort-of look like the new version. You know how much we do that on linux? Talk about “lipstick on a pig”, this is more like “air freshener on a turd”.

  3. Great, there is yet another bar. “superbar” I guess it’s called. It looks nifty and all but it sure makes Vienna look like its trying to make up for something. Perhaps that Vista bugged the hell out of me until I uninstalled it. Even then it asked me if I was sure…

  4. @Joel, sikanrong, Frank
    Thanks for your opinion on Windows 7.

  5. supereb

  6. faheem akram Avatar
    faheem akram

    its really cool

  7. Please let me know how to uninstall these files? Pls take time to reply.Thanks in advance

  8. vishnugopal Avatar

    windows 7 registration key

  9. varunkant Avatar

    Great man … keep it up,,,, Thanks for orkuting help

  10. i like this windows because it is very easy to use and more advanced from other os