How to copy images in Orkut Albums


I recently updated my post on how you can copy orkut profile image and now today I am writing about how you can copy images in Orkut Albums as right click is disabled on images in Albums. There are two tricks which can be used to copy images from the Orkut Albums out of which the first one can be fixed by Orkut developers (I will be explaining it later on) and the second one which can never be fixed by Orkut developers.


Just drag and drop the image onto the address bar or onto the tab and the image will load as if it was opened directly by typing the URL. Now you can right click and save the image.

(Works in Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome)

Bonus Trick

Apart from any trick you can also use the Print Screen method. Press Print Screen on your keyboard and paste the screenshot in any image editor or Ms Paint. Crop the portion you want and save it. Thats it.

If you have any questions then leave them in the comments and I will try to answer them.


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  4. haha.. I didn’t know about the profile image, but I am aware of album images which can be easily copied and HOTLINKED!

    For instance lemme hotlink a picture from my album:

    hehe, now dont u think orkut is a good image host :p

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  11. Well, to be clear, making any image copy-protected is nearly impossible as of now unless some ground-breaking technology spring up.

    Whenever you open orkut album, the image is always downloaded and cached on the computer. You just need to copy-paste the image from the cache to your home directory. Its Done!

    This is what I always do, no matter whereever I go, if right-click is disabled, just copy-paste from cache. Simplest solution

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    just minimize the screen and drag the photo on to ur desktop

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