Shrink Multiple URLs into One by Shrink2One


I many times came across a scenario where I need to share a bunch of links but the point of sharing links one by one over IM seems ridiculous to me when I have got a good list of links to share. So, Today I am sharing about a service which can let you shrink many url into one url. Its name is

How it Works?

  • You enter a list of links on their site
  • They create a new page with all those links on it and gives you the URL of their own page

My Opinion

The concept behind the service is good but they lack in their web design which seems a little distracting to me (I mean they could have a interface which is pleasing, Whats the point of showing stats to users who clicked their shrinked link? Instead just show them a option if they would like to shrink links too.) But I must say if I wanted to give you some links related to lets say “WordPress theme Design”, then I can shrink all those links into one and then share that link with anyone I want and that too multiple times.

What you think about the concept of this service? I would also like to have your opinion on its web interface.


One response to “Shrink Multiple URLs into One by Shrink2One”

  1. Releasing Shrink2One Firefox(1.5 to 3.x) extension to get One Shrink2One URL for all open tabs. For more info logon to or install extension directly from