Tech Goof-Ups

I bet you have seen several tech goof-ups too but today I am sharing a few which I have witnessed. I am writing them in the order of increasing goofiness factor.

#1 Gmail Goofup


The very first place is taken by Google (my Dream Company) as this is not really a goof up, just a point that it is not correct for a few moments. Ok let me tell me what it is? But first let me tell you that this is hard to observe for Broadband users but easy to observe for users who doesn’t have a fast connection.

On Gmail login screen, you see a counter which keeps on increasing slowly and telling that how much space is being offered by Gmail to each account. As of now Gmail provides 7GB+ of storage space but the counter is displayed wrong even if the system date is correct while the page is loading. As soon as the page loads completely, the counter shows the correct value. Can’t they think of something innovative in this? heh. ๐Ÿ˜›

#2 AirTel SMS Goofup

I use AirTel Mobile Office service to connect to internet in my hostel. Before I began using their MO (GPRS) service and even for others who still doesn’t, they never sent a promotional message about MO but when I started using MO, then every month I would get a message from AirTel saying that “You can subscribe to AirTel Mobile Office and get internet connectivity for just Rs.395”. Now isn’t this something that I am already using. The point is that they don’t message such promotional messages to a user who is not using MO service. Lack of management skills. heh ๐Ÿ˜›

#3 Nokia 3230 Goofup


I was browsing the files on the read only memory of my Nokia 3230 when i noticed a file named No_Sound.wav. Out of curiosity, I opened that file and there it just makes a lil noise which was very familiar and then I realized its the same sound which gets played when I switch tracks in Real player (of my Nokia 3230) and when I power ON the device. Now whats the point of having such a file which is played when there should be no sound. Weird? Listen to that file yourself. Download No_Sound.Wav

Its time for you to share some tech goofups that you have witnessed. C’mon Share with us!