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Has it ever happened to you that you can’t recall the name of a song but you do remember a single or a few lines of its lyrics? Stupid question, i know. Everyone would say, Yes!

Well, if you can’t recall, then you are no way out of luck. Lyrster is a search engine which indexes several lyrics websites (350+). Just hit it with some of the few lines of the song lyrics and I must say the results are impressive and I have a very good reason to say it.

That is because I didn’t tested it with the lyrics and found out the song that I already knew but in fact I knew a few lines of a song that I wasn’t able to recall and moreover it was an animated video (featured on Graffiti – Cartoon Network 4 or 5 years back) which eliminates the possibility of recalling the band too.

I quickly hit Lyrster with a single line “has gone out the window” and results came up. I read a few lines of the lyrics and it was the song that I was looking for. Cheers to Lyrster!

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  1. mickey Avatar

    So I was in Planet Hollywood and they played a kick ass dance song with a female vocalist. Very catchy, but the only lyric I caught was towards the end of the chorus it sounds like she’s saying “Then you find a reason why…”, but I could be totally off. Totally upbeat and fun dance/pop song though, gotta be from 2009 I’m thinking. Any thoughts what song it is and who sings it?

    Also, there’s a song I’ve been trying to find for years, a female singer with a voice like The Cardigans or The Sundays, the chorus is something like “You were on my mind…”, anybody know this one? I know for a fact it’s not the Cardigans or the Sundays, I’ve checked every song for both of them. I think the song came out around 2004, but I could be wrong.

    Two tricky ones, sorry I don’t know more info or lyrics…

    1. @mickey
      Why don’t you try searching on Lyrster? I am sure you will find the song you are looking for.

  2. mickey Avatar

    Oh, haha, thought that’s what I was doing. I’m an idiot.

  3. A female singer with the lyric, “you were on my mind” in the song. I’m thinking it’s a remake of an old song by Susanna Hoffs’ (80s babe from The Bangles) with that lyric as the title. Susanna doesn’t sound like Harriet Wheeler of The Sundays or Nina Persson of The Cardigans, but her voice is certainly pleasant like the other 2 female singers. Here’s Hoffs’ song:

  4. I used to listen to this song everyday and then oneday I stopped and forgot the name of it and most of the words

    The lyrics I remember were

    How do we go from saying I love you to quickly moving on

    Or it was

    How do we go from holding hands to quickly moving on

  5. @Jeff @Jordan
    Try hitting Lyrster with those and you will find the songs 😉