Fix for my-templates and my-plugins folder not working in bbPress

It has been asked multiple times on bbPress forums that the themes and plugins are not working when they are copied to my-templates and my-plugins folder. Even I ran into this while I was designing a theme so if you too are facing issues in getting your bbPress templates & plugins to work, then you might want to fix their permissions. The issue arises because the directories are being created by php which should be avoided as it may create problems for end users. Earlier the directories were created with 750 permissions but after it was reported to trac then it was fixed but I just observed that the directories are still created with wrong permissions and I reopened the ticket.

Meanwhile you can fix the issue by changing the file permissions of both my-templates & my-plugins to 755 either via a FTP (such as FileZilla) client or via SSH.

Changing File Permissions via FTP

file permissions ftp

  • Select the folder
  • Right click & select File permissions
  • Change 750 to 755 and press Ok to save.

Changing File Permissions via SSH

  • Navigate to the bbPress folder by using cd command for choosing a directory and ls for listing the directory contents.
  • Issue the following commands :
    • chmod 755 my-templates
    • chmod 755 my-plugins

So if your bbPress my-templates and my-plugins folder weren’t working earlier, now they should be working fine. If you have any issues, then leave a comment here and I will try to help.


3 responses to “Fix for my-templates and my-plugins folder not working in bbPress”

  1. I tried that but I’m still having trouble. bbPress can’t seem to find my CSS file, though it is where I’ve said it is.


    Do you have any other suggestions? It worked when I put it in /bb-templates/, but I understand you’re not supposed to do this? Though I’m still not clear on why.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    1. Please verify that they have the right permissions now. They might not have been changed and still has wrong permissions.

  2. This fixed my issue. Thank you soo much! It was driving me crazy.