I JUST MADE LOVE.COM – Now that’s an innovative idea


Innovative Idea, I would say. I liked the concept more than I did the logo.

I Just Made Love.com is about marking the places where you made love. It uses Google Maps to show you the world map. You can browse and zoom in to the place which you want to mark. Right click on it, choose either indoor or outdoor & leave a comment.


It has also got a Love Counter which shows how many people has marked the places where they made love. Other things include displaying the results from the last 1 hour, 24 hours, week, month or all the time.

The site doesn’t serve anything useful but coding up and visiting such a site is always a pleasure as it brings up a smile on our face. How did you find the site? Have your say in the comments!


13 responses to “I JUST MADE LOVE.COM – Now that’s an innovative idea”

  1. lol..seriously! if all someone can think about after making love is to bloody mark that place on google maps, there is definitely something wrong with him.

    1. @Pallab
      C’mon dude! Its sound pretty romantic to me. I will surely mark such a thing after making love with someone. Think of this – The site starts offering accounts and then there is a competition of the number of marks one have over there. Stiffler wins! 😛

  2. HEeeyyyyY xy galzz n guyzz i hope itzz an romantic site 4 al….hottie n cool galzzz ca mail meeeeeeEE O_o !!!!!!!!!

  3. TheTheThe Avatar

    Love the American Pie reference. Hahaha

  4. @TheTheThe
    Yeah! No one can win from a Stiffler 😛

  5. shivansh Avatar

    lol….real kool site….an exciting concept… 😀

    1. @shivansh
      I guess you will definitely use such a service. no?

  6. MiamiMike Avatar

    so if I made a web site admitting I commited a crime like Ijuststolesomething.com would that be wrong ?

    1. Absolutely not!

  7. This is a pretty good approach to using Google Maps API.
    [Please don’t use keywords in name]

  8. @MiamiMike :
    I don’t know if a venture capitalist would be interested but (sadly) I’ve no doubt there would be users and an audience for it.

  9. Its a hell of a night and i am going to make love with my wife right now. I want the entire planet to know about it. Trilofos, Greece about midnight.