Download Kaspersky Antivirus & Kaspersky Internet Security Updates 2010 Offline

Earlier I have written about downloading Kaspersky updates for Kaspersky Antivirus 2009 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 and now I am writing this article to download updates offline so that Kaspersky Antivirus 2010 & Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 can be updated.

All you need is a computer which has Kaspersky Antivirus or Kaspersky Internet Security from which you can download and save the updates and then take these updates to the computer which is not connected to the internet. I believe updates downloaded by Kaspersky Antivirus can only update Kaspersky Antivirus and not Kaspersky Internet Security as the latter one has additional components for which the updates won’t be downloaded.

Download and Save Updates


  • Open application and select settings.
  • Select My Update Center.
  • Under the Additional section, select Copy updates to folder and specify the path where you would like to save the updates.

Now copy the specified folder to the computer, the one which is not connected to the internet.

Installing Updates


  • Open application and select settings.
  • Select My Update Center.
  • Under the Update source section, select Settings.
  • Add the new source as the folder that you brought from former computer.
  • Unselect the Kaspersky lab servers and select the new folder.

Now update as you would normally do and it will be updated.

You can also download the updates of Step #1 from here.

If you need any kind of help, then feel free to ask via the comments.


32 responses to “Download Kaspersky Antivirus & Kaspersky Internet Security Updates 2010 Offline”

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  2. chaitanya Avatar

    thanks buddy for the offline updates…had been checking your blog for 2 months for these things..what took you so long??thanks anyways…keep up your awesome work….

    1. It was just a crazy time here. Things wouldn’t settle but now things aree back on track! Enjoy!

      1. chaitanya Avatar

        thanks for your speedy reply ashfame….

        1. chaitanya Avatar

          good to see u back…..

          1. Good to see you around too 🙂

    2. hi, i have downloaded the said file using the given url, but when i try to update it says update file corrupted, can u help me?

      1. Try downloading the update file again.

  3. Can we update KIS 2009 with these updates??

    1. I might say yes but I wouldn’t recommend it. Why don’t you install KIS 2010? I guess Kaspersky provides a free upgrade to genuine licensed users.

      1. hmmm… ll check….

  4. Really cool tip. Thanks a lot.

  5. Thanks Will you send the link of downloading update?

    1. I guess its worth visiting the site once more & downloading the updates from there 😉

  6. zacharia Avatar

    You have big file which is difficult for those who have dial up conection, please provide weekly or daily update, please see this link

    I am using kis 2010 ver

    once i have tried daily update it works from this

    but now it wont, why please help.


    1. I just provide updates from the method I describe in the post. I don’t know how to separate out daily or weekly updates.

        1. If you know they do provide updates, why don’t you check it yourself? I am on a little shortage of time.

          1. zacharia Avatar

            i have tried download but it is not working, i dont know why, you can see this website peopke are complaining regarding this matter.


            1. I am not getting your point.

              1. zacharia Avatar

                i have tried download but it is not working, i dont know why, you can see this website people are complaining regarding this update zip file even which are dowmloaded from kaspersky direct link.there are two type of zipe file, ihave download both its not work, which one i have to download.


                2. av-i386&

                you please visit the below site you can know the zip files copied from site are giving eror, please find out, or please give your mobile phone i will explain you.


              2. I am sorry but I am running busy.

  7. zacharia Avatar

    I just join today with your website, I was using free avira antivirus software for past 2 years, it is very easy, and give the exact file size while updating, and also i came to know from the a website, there is is software to generate the saved avira update file from our pc so that we can reuse the same in case we have to format or update other pc which have no internet conection, i am sending the link and the software details, is there like this software for Kaspersky i. s. 2010, so that we can save all the updated file to reuse in case we want format the pc.

    i have download the same it works,

    please inform me if it is there for kaspersky


    1. The only method I see if the one described in post above.

  8. ainggue Avatar

    it’s great buddy thanks a lot 🙂

    1. You are welcome!

  9. plz post updates its long time since jan 6

    1. The size of the update has really grown big. Its 118MB right now. That’s the reason why I don’t upload and host them now.

  10. thnx bro.thats really good.
    but now i need a activation key.can u help me about thhis?

  11. Hafeez-Ur-Rehman Avatar

    Hi! You are doing very well. It’s really very useful blog. I’ve no words to thank you.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your words 🙂

  12. SOURABH Avatar

    HERE IS FULL UPDATE {Moderated}