File Hippo Update checker take care of your software updates

We all update our softwares to the latest version because we like running the best and the latest package offering by the software. Now lets take a look what a user needs to do before he/she can download the latest version.

  • What is the latest version?
  • What version I am running?
  • If a newer version is available, then download it.

However some software do have components which take care of updating the software itself but for those who don’t we need to do the above 3 steps and that too for every software that you have installed. That’s much of a overhead.

File Hippo Update checker


Just download the File Hippo update checker (I recommend the standalone version instead of the installer version) and it will scan your computer for the latest software updates and then displays a report with links to download the latest versions of those softwares. Then just click on the download icons and the download will start.

If you want to get notified of software updates then you catch up with the File Hippo feeds.

Couldn’t get easy than this. Can it? Have your say in the comments.


4 responses to “File Hippo Update checker take care of your software updates”

  1. Try Filerex Update Checker

    1. How is it different or better?

      1. It not scan only for few software updates as filehippo do.

        1. It looks like a good alternative too.