Problem Step Recorder – Tool for making steps with screenshots based on actions

Have your ever faced the situation where you need to guide someone to do something on the computer and it has made you pull your hair because no matter how hard you try, the other guy won’t do it correctly?

If you are a geek, then I bet you must have faced this situation before. And if you use a Windows 7 computer, then you just got lucky as I just know came to know of a pretty useful tool bundled in Winodws 7 OS which can just make your work of guiding a noob very easy.

Records action with text and screenshots


Press Start menu and type psr to search for Problem Step Recorder(psr)


  • Press Start Record on PSR and proceed.
  • Now do anything and PSR will record every action of yours and take screenshots.

    When you are done press Stop Record and PSR will generate a zip file containing mhtml document of your recording with text and screenshots.

    It will ask the location where the zip file should be saved. Specify it.

    Just mail this zip file to the guy to whom you are trying to explain things or extract it if you want to have a look by yourself.

    This will save much of my time and headache when I will need to tell something the next time. I am going to use Problem Step Recorder for sure. Give it a try and let me know what you think about it.


    2 responses to “Problem Step Recorder – Tool for making steps with screenshots based on actions”

    1. Short and upto the point article!

      Its completely true. For a geek, its a common situation handling someone’s problem and trying to tell him exact procedure but many a times they fail to do it.
      Will have to use this inbuilt feature next time, it will save my time.

      1. Thanks! Its truely a time saver 😉