Refresh Facebook Notes Feeds if they have stopped updating

I have added my blog feeds to Facebook notes and it has happened to me twice that they stopped refreshing i.e. new articles from my blog feed were not being added to Facebook notes. If any user is facing the same issue, he/she can resolve this issue by refreshing the feeds and here is how you can do that.

Go to your profile page on Facebook


Under the Share tab, Click on Options. facebook-share

Now click on Settings.


Click on Blog/RSS under Imported sites.


Click Update now.

refresh-blog-rss-facebookYour feeds will be refreshed by now and Facebook Notes will show you the latest articles in notes which were not being fetched earlier due to some reason. You can resume your content creation & promotion work! 🙂

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  • Aurora

    Thanks so much for this tip! I was also having the same trouble and your tip did the trick! 🙂

  • How about a Facebook Fan Page. Can find the Edit Subscription – but no Refresh/ Update …

    • Yes, I have same issue as Harold, how to update/refresh RSS feed on fan page. Can’t find much information on web or Facebook.


      • Sorry don’t know about that.

    • Not sure about that!

  • Mark, this happens again and again for me.

    My remedy: Take the subscription out. Set it up anew.

    As a workaround …

    • Mark B

      Thanks for Harald,

      That’s exactly what I have been doing.

      Facebook appears to go out of its way to make it time consuming & difficult to share information from other applications.

      • Good that you both got them working again 🙂

  • Norbert

    This doesn’t work anymore. “Setting” options have changed, now I see this:

    Profile Story Comments

    Auto-Expand Comments:
    Comments on stories will be expanded by default
    Stories Posted by Friends

    Posting Ability:
    Friends may post to my Wall
    Who can see posts made by friends?
    Friends of Friends

    * Everyone
    * Friends and Networks
    * Friends of Friends
    * Friends Only
    * CustomizeCustomedit

    Combine Posts:
    Show posts from friends in the default view
    Application settings

    You can control which applications can post stories on your Wall on the application settings page.

    • Yes! Thanks for brining it to my notice, I will update the post with the new method when I will get time.

  • Chris

    Ashfame, I used to have the same problem and did the same fix but apparently there has been an update to Facebook and I can’t figure out how to refresh the Notes feed. Have you found it?

    • Sorry! Running busy, didn’t get the time. I will update here if I find something.

  • sigh

    When are you going to figure it out!!! Still doesn’t work 🙁 We neeeeed you