VPS Hosting Benefits for a Growing Site

These days it’s not just web designers that are in the market for a web hosting package, now practically anyone can have a website with easy to use builder templates and accessible e-commerce and blogging tools. But it comes down to which package is the right fit, whether you go with shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS hosting) or a dedicated server, you have to keep in mind that the amount of sites, uses and popularity will most likely grow.

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The first choice that may come to mind would be to go with the cheapest option, which would be a shared hosting plan. This offers shared resources, such as RAM, disk space and CPU. But as with anything shared, there comes limitations. On the opposite hand, a dedicated server offers unlimited resources as the machine is yours and only yours. But of course, it comes with a hefty price tag. Nevertheless, a compromising option is available with VPS hosting.

As the popularity of a site grows, a shared hosting plan just doesn’t cut it with limited resources that can cause the high traffic to noticeably slow a site down or even cause it to crash. And understandably for many, a dedicated server may be out of budget. VPS hosting offers the best of both worlds with such features as server level customization and dedicated RAM and disk space with just a shared CPU, with all at a fraction of a dedicated server’s cost. Other great features include burstable memory, which reserves resources so they’re available when needed, such as in times of unexpected high traffic. Also, there’s scalability, where you can start off with just a simple site and grow to multiple, complex sites with large databases, e-commerce and so on without having to upgrade machines.

All in all, whether you’re a professional web designer, small business, or an avid blogger, VPS hosting is a great option to fulfill your need to have room for growth without the limitations of shared hosting or the high costs of having a dedicated server.

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  1. Great Post on VPS Hosting. VPS hosting is very popular in these days. Because it’s economical which anyone has small business. It has features of dedicated server.