Pomodoro Timer in Ubuntu

I finally decided to try Pomodoro technique to see how well it can improve my productivity as I am a lot disorganised, lazy sorta geek (well who isn’t?). So I built up a small script which acts as a Pomodoro timer for me using Ubuntu notification system (Do read it if you haven’t, you need to install lib-notify package for this script to work).

I have created a launcher in my top panel, with which I start a new pomodori (name for a new period of time, lets call it a Pomodoro anyway). It calls up the script which alerts me that a new Pomodoro (time period) has started and then alert me again when the timer ends and I should take a small break.

Here is the script:

DISPLAY=:0 notify-send -t 1000 -i /home/ashfame/Dropbox/Ubuntu/icons/pomodoro.png "New Pomodoro starts" "You have 25 minutes to work."
# 25 minutes timer
sleep 1500
DISPLAY=:0 notify-send -t 1000 -i /home/ashfame/Dropbox/Ubuntu/icons/pomodoro.png "Pomodoro ends" "Take a break!"

As soon as I click the launcher, the first notification appears telling me that a new Pomodoro has started.

pomodoro starts

Then it sleeps for 1500 secs = 25 minutes. And after that the second notification appears telling me that the Pomodoro has ended.

pomodoro ends

I just take a 3-5 minutes break or even longer (I am the boss!), and then I again click on the launcher starting another Pomodoro and I work for another 25 minutes. You can use the same tomato icon, if you want.


Enjoy the awesomeness of Ubuntu and ditch Windows, yes I am an Ubuntu advocate and will push you to switch all the time 😛

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4 responses to “Pomodoro Timer in Ubuntu”

  1. Thanks for sharing this techie stuff over here, I never used ubunto yet I consider to try it now that I’ve found this post. Thank you again.

    1. Thanks! Take care of using your real name only, no self promotion is tolerated here.

      1. Alright I got you. Thanks for doing some edits. I appreciate it.

  2. Great script & Thank You!!

    I was wondering is there a way to add a sound to play with the script ends?
    Like one of the built in notification sounds in Ubuntu or maybe a clip from the home folder