How much traffic does 200+ upvotes in a Product Hunt launch brings?

I launched [SSL Certificate Expiration Alerts]( (SSL Alerts, as I like to call it) on [Producthunt]( on 13th February 2018 & got 200ish upvotes in one day, putting me at #7 Product of the day.

I had launched on other platforms like Reddit & IndieHackers (Hacker News didn’t even let me post because my account was very new and I have been a lurker all my life), but nobody cared. So, compared to that, Product Hunt is the best platform to showcase the world what have you build, in my opinion.

Be warned that stats showed below are just an indicative parameter of how much visibility your product can have with so many upvotes. The very nature of product decides the mileage. I launched a free tool that apparently clicked, so I had very good stats. Your’s paid product that’s targetted to a niche would perform differently.

Here are 24hrs of PH launch stats:

[24hrs launch stats](

I should mention that my product literally climbed from being stuck in the bottom-most position in “Newest” category to #7. It took a while to get featured, which brings it in “Popular” category and hence more visibility. I also got [tweeted]( by ProductHunt but I didn’t get included in the following day’s newsletter, which means more visibility but it could be even more. I think only Top 5 products get included in the newsletter.

Here is how Google Analytics look like:

Google Analytics View

The first peak that you see is the PH launch. Its spread across 2 days, because PH launch days work as per San Fransisco (PST time) and I am looking at it from +5.5 GMT.

Curious about the second peak? That’s when Codrops picked the tool up and included it in #391 issue of Collective in which they curate cool things being made every few days. Surprisingly, it brought good enough traffic that’s comparable with ProductHunch for my rank (#7).

And as of this moment, I have got 365 users who have added 569 websites to be alerted for SSL certificate expiration.

Users acquired + Websites added stats

The right column is for this tool, the left column is for the entire product (my primary product – *https cop*, which is a complete [website health monitoring system](, currently a Work In Progress). The free tool simply uses the engine of the primary product 🙂

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