LG Flatron L226WTQ Review

Finally I am writing a review of my lovely WideScreen. Its a LG Flatron 22inch screen (Model no: L226WTQ) which is one of the best 22″ screen available at such a price. Lets go through its technical specifications first.

Process Lasso – Manage your multi core CPUs effectively

Many of us uses dual core or quad core processors. The reason being simple that they are better in terms of performance but I would like to point out that the potential of multi core CPUs are not being effectively utilized. The OS are smart enough to use them but we and our programs don’t […]

MemTest – Check faulty RAM for errors

Many times it happened with a lot of computer users that they face weird issues on their computer, the reason of which they are unable to find out. In most of the cases RAM is the culprit. Either it will restart the computer randomly or it will freeze the computer or in severe case, faulty […]

Opera Mini v4.1 beta launched

My all time favorite mobile browser Opera Mini has launched the beta of their next version which offers feature that can blow you off. Earlier Opera Mini v4 was lacking certain features that have been implemented in this version. If you are unaware of Opera Mini, it is a phone browser which is capable of […]

Write protect your USB/Thumb/Pen Drive

It happens with me many time that I had to copy some files from my pen drive to our college lab and the moment I plugged in my pen drive, it gets infected with dozens of viruses. Yes, its true that our college labs are too infected. Now before I can use the pen drive […]

Disable USB Autorun to Save PC from USB Viruses

Pen drives are very common these days. Everybody has them for their daily data transfer needs and since these are connected to different computers very often, they become a easy carrier of malicious codes (virus, trojans, spywares etc). How viruses spread from USB/Thumb/Pen drive? Whenever a USB drive is plugged into a infected computer, virus […]

How to safely remove your USB drive when Safely Remove Hardware icon disappears from the system tray

Many times it might have happened with you that Safely remove hardware icon disappears from the system tray and you are unable to safely remove your USB/Pen drive. Pulling out the USB/Pen drive is not recommended in such a case as it might prove to be harmful for the life of your USB/Pen drive. There […]