Facebook new spam attack

I have earlier written about Facebook spam message attack and now again a new spam attack is spreading and it will reach you soon because it develops a curiosity in whosoever reads it & many people click on it, to know more about it and end up posting spam message on their friend’s wall. The […]

Paypal and RBI Issues – Whole Story

Paypal screws Indians again on January 28, 2011 by imposing restrictions on Indian Paypal users because they can’t adhere to the guidelines laid down by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). For the sake of a little recap, Paypal stopped personal payment to and from India in Feb ’10. They stopped Electronic Funds Transfer for Paypal […]

Facebook Apps are stealing users data

We all know people try dozens of Facebook Apps to kill time on Facebook. Although some are legitimate but majority of them are just scam. If you care about your privacy i.e. your personal details, then this article is for you. Apps like Who will murder you? and Know when will you die? are stupid […]

WpWebHost offers upto 90% hosting discount

Now is the best time to buy hosting from WpWebHost as they are offering an end of season sale in which they are giving discounts of upto 90% sale. This blog is hosted on WpWebHost only and they offer very good service, especially to your WordPress related services. Discount Hosting Plan Available Units (first come […]

New Facebook features exposed accidentally

Last night, Facebook actually went live with some new features, which were not supposed to be pushed live and then reverted back to the earlier version of the Facebook pages and then went down (yeah! Facebook went down) and got back up after restoring the previous state before accidental update. Facebook tweeted that some internal […]

Facebook Spam Message Attack

A new spam attack on Facebook is in circulation these days, in which you will receive a message from one of your friends with a link to a video claiming the video should have millions of views and it may seem that your friend is amazed with the video but its the other story round. […]

WordPress 3.0.3 Security Upgrade – Highly Recommended

WordPress 3.0.3 is a security update which has been released to fix up a security bug which affects only the users who have remote publishing enabled. It is disabled by default buy you might have enabled it if you use an mobile app like WordPress Official apps for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia or a desktop […]