bbPress deep integration advantages & disadvantages

As we know that bbPress integrates with WordPress quite well but there seems to be some confusion regarding the type of integration people tend to go with. I am writing this post with the aim of clearing the difference between the two and how to pick with what suits you the most. There are two […]

bbPress WordPress Integration benefits

Today I would like to share some knowledge about the benefits gained by integration two products of Automattic which goes closely to the needs of a web publisher. WordPress is used as a blogging engine and is well capable of being used as a full fledged CMS and it also won the Open Source CMS […]

Upgrade existing integrated installations of WordPress & bbPress

I wrote the tutorial on integrating WordPress 2.8 with bbPress 1.0 a few days back and today I am writing instructions for upgrading your integrated WordPress 2.7 & bbPress 0.9 installations as we needed some workarounds to previously integrate them but now integration between them is a out of the box feature. If you are […]

Integrate bbPress 1.0 with WordPress 2.8

I was away so didn’t get a chance to write this tutorial but now I am back on track and here it is. This tutorial is for people starting with fresh installations of WordPress 2.8 or 2.9 & bbPress 1.0. There is also a tutorial for upgrading existing integrated installations of WordPress & bbPress. And […]

bbPress has been released

While I have been waiting for the bbPress 1.0 which holds up many changes under the hood, I was today in a little surprised when I saw a new stable version of bbPress version and that too not 1.0 It fixes up many bugs in so it came up before anything else. I am […]

Integrate bbpress forum with your wordpress setup

You are already familiar with WordPress but do you know about the great forum script bbPress which is a less lot in code and gives you the functionality of a forum without the burden of extra bells & whistles. Some of the benefits of integrating bbPress with WordPress are as follows : Users need to […]