Last.fm free Internet Radio hack

Last.fm is a great service which scrobbles (track) what music you listen to and then recommend you new music based on what you like to listen. You can totally keep your music database online and discover new music that you will actually like. It works great. It offers an Internet radio service which is paid […]

Tweekly.fm tweets your Last.fm Top Artists weekly

My last post was about how one can maintain a music profile on Last.fm and today I am writing about a service which tweets your Top Artists weekly. This was our different social profiles on different networks come closer. You don’t need to register for a new account. You can login into Tweekly.fm by authenticating […]

Maintain your music profile with Last.fm

We do listen to music all the time. Now don’t we? But we rarely aggregate our music listening habits like most played tracks, favorite artists etc. And when it comes to getting recommendations, we are at the mercy of others who don’t even know our taste of music and might recommend something they like, not […]