free Internet Radio hack is a great service which scrobbles (track) what music you listen to and then recommend you new music based on what you like to listen. You can totally keep your music database online and discover new music that you will actually like. It works great. It offers an Internet radio service which is paid for countries other than US / UK / Germany. So, if you are from any other country, the trick is to use a country based proxy for listening to your radio for free.

For the purpose of this post, I assume that you are ready running the scrobbler (tool which sends your music statistics to In the menu, select Tools, and then options.


In options, select Connection from the left. Click on Manual proxy settings and fill in the IP address and port of the proxy server.


However note that only US / UK / Germany based proxy will work. Learn how to find a good and fast proxy server IP address & port.

Now you can enjoy free Internet radio without subscribing to their service. But I would suggest if you really enjoy their service, you should subscribe (its only 3USD/month). But I guess their policy of making users pay who are outside of US, UK & Germany sort of turn people off to subscribe. They shouldn’t discriminate on the basis of geographical locations. After all, its love for music.

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2 responses to “ free Internet Radio hack”

  1. not working… “servers are temporarily overloaded” all the time

    1. fakeartist Avatar

      Same here! servers overloaded.

      On win 7 64 bit.