WordPress plugin Facebook Like Thumbnail Updates

I have updated my WordPress plugin to fix Facebook Like Thumbnails to version 0.2 which I am sure will make the existing users happy! 🙂

Some of the users who quickly upgraded might be facing issues because of a silly mistake on my part. If the plugin has disappeared from the plugins listing, then you would have to delete the folder "facebook-like-thumbnail" folder in your plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/) and then reinstall the plugin by typing "Facebook Like Thumbnail" in Add New Plugins screen. I apologise for the issue, please excuse me, I am not used to pushing updates to public repositories.

The plugin now features an options pages which can be found under Settings > Facebook Like Thumbnail. You can specify your default thumbnail image on that page, no more code edits are required. This was a necessary move as the users would have to edit the plugin to specify their default image after every upgrade.

The plugin now supports featured thumbnails and NextGEN galleries (other than the slideshow ones).

The plugin picks the thumbnail in the following order (whichever is found first)

  • If its a post or page
    • Featured Thumbnail
    • First Image in the post
    • Default
  • If its a Front Page or Search Page
    • Default
  • Anything else
    • First image in the first post of the loop
    • Default

Facebook Like Thumbnail

Author: Ashfame, version: 0.4, updated: December 7, 2016,
Requires WP version: 3.1 or higher, tested up to: 4.7.7.
Download (85 049 hits) (5 votes)

Adding the author avatar on author pages to be used as thumbnail and ignoring smilies as a possible match for thumbnail are on my To-do lists. If you have any suggestions, comments section is all yours.

Also the plugin can be totally uninstalled by using the delete option from WordPress dashboard, it won't leave anything behind in the database.

I have tried to keep the plugin as fast as it can be. If any developer can provide any suggestions/improvements, I would love that. If you have any questions or facing any issues because of the early upgrade or need any help, give me a shout in the comments.

WordPress Plugin to fix Facebook Like Thumbnail

Today, Facebook pushed live another change which made Like button work similar to what we had known the Share button to do. Just to brush up, Share button was used to show the Title, Description and a screenshot of the page which you shared and the Like button would only show up as a line that the user liked XYZ Story on ABC site. But now after the new change is live, like button functions the same as the Share button.

Here is a screenshot of how the new like would show up on your profile:


I don't like the move as people tend to like a lot more stuff than what they share. This is going to stuff the stream with lots of noise. After like is not, and can't be equivalent to share. I might like a post on Ubuntu tutorial but is that something I would want to share with everyone else. No! But that's totally a different story.

Coming back to the point, many sites would show up random image of their page instead of an appropriate image. I have seen this on several blogs including mine, that sometimes an advertisement image would show up (from the sidebar), or a totally unrelated image of my another project (from the footer). so, I took this opportunity today to fix it for everyone.

You can check what thumbnail would Facebook show for a particular page by using their Lint tool.

The problem can be solved for non-WordPress based or html sites or whatever, by adding this line to their head section.

<link rel="image_src" href="http://example.com/logo.png" />

This will show that image on every page. But in WordPress, we can do a lot more, that's because WordPress is a brilliant piece of software.

You can use the plugin to fix the issue. It will display the first image of the post or page you are on. In case someone likes your Category or Tag page, then the first image of the first post in the listing will be used.

Facebook Like Thumbnail

Author: Ashfame, version: 0.4, updated: December 7, 2016,
Requires WP version: 3.1 or higher, tested up to: 4.7.7.
Download (85 049 hits) (5 votes)

You will need to edit a line which is highlighted in the code below to change the default fallback image to your logo so that whenever, the post doesn't have any image in it, your logo will be displayed. If you don't edit that line, then my logo will be displayed and I might sue you for that.

I have added a couple of features in the plugin, so I don't recommend you to use the snippet anymore. Using the plugin will make it easier for you to receive updates without touching any code. WordPress Facebook Like Thumbnail Plugin v0.2

In case, you don't want to download yet another plugin, you can add the following code in your functions.php file I recommend everyone to use the plugin version instead so that you can receive updates automatically.

Facebook crawls your page every 24 hours (at max), so you may not see the change right away but you would see it instantaneously, if you use the Linter tool once for that page because it updates the thumbnail for that page, right away.

I might add an options page for it to add an image if users request start coming up. Also I will host it on WordPress repositories once I get the time to, as I will need to look into it first.

If you have any question, you can ask in the comments. Also, please like it (not share) to share it with other fellow bloggers.

[bbPress Plugin] How to disable bbPress registrations

There may be cases where users want to disable new member registrations so as to keep the forum close to the existing members only or its a invite only forum or whatever the case may be. In this post I will demonstrate how can you disable bbPress registrations.

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Fix bb-attachments plugin of bbPress

bbPress as of now doesn’t allow any uploading feature with native support and the famous bb_attachments plugin which was developed for bbPress 0.9 versions doesn’t work with bbPress 1.0+ releases. For those who are new to this plugin, it adds uploading capabilities to your bbPress forum. Users can now upload files from their computer instead of uploading it to file sharing services and then sharing the URL. I have aggregated the information on how it can fixed from the Extends section of the bbPress.org

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[bbPress Plugin] Remove meta generator tag

Flaws are everywhere. The point is how quickly they are fixed but it seems that some users are lazy enough not to upgrade or go on for a vacation before they decide to update. bbPress adds a meta generator tag to the page which shows up the bbPress version but it is advised to remove it so that at a later date no one gets to know if you are running an older version which has un-patched flaws & could be exploited.

<meta name="generator" content="bbPress 1.0.2" />

In bbPress 1.0+ you can remove the meta tag generator by adding a single line of code to your functions.php file to your theme's folder. If there is no functions.php file in your theme folder then create a new one with the name and add this line:

remove_action('bb_head', 'bb_generator');

For those who don’t want to do this by editing a file and would prefer to do it by a plugin, here is a tiny plugin to do the same.

Download bbPress Plugin