WordPress Plugin to fix Facebook Like Thumbnail

Today, Facebook pushed live another change which made Like button work similar to what we had known the Share button to do. Just to brush up, Share button was used to show the Title, Description and a screenshot of the page which you shared and the Like button would only show up as a line […]

Today, Facebook pushed live another change which made Like button work similar to what we had known the Share button to do. Just to brush up, Share button was used to show the Title, Description and a screenshot of the page which you shared and the Like button would only show up as a line that the user liked XYZ Story on ABC site. But now after the new change is live, like button functions the same as the Share button.

Here is a screenshot of how the new like would show up on your profile:


I don't like the move as people tend to like a lot more stuff than what they share. This is going to stuff the stream with lots of noise. After like is not, and can't be equivalent to share. I might like a post on Ubuntu tutorial but is that something I would want to share with everyone else. No! But that's totally a different story.

Coming back to the point, many sites would show up random image of their page instead of an appropriate image. I have seen this on several blogs including mine, that sometimes an advertisement image would show up (from the sidebar), or a totally unrelated image of my another project (from the footer). so, I took this opportunity today to fix it for everyone.

You can check what thumbnail would Facebook show for a particular page by using their Lint tool.

The problem can be solved for non-WordPress based or html sites or whatever, by adding this line to their head section.

<link rel="image_src" href="http://example.com/logo.png" />

This will show that image on every page. But in WordPress, we can do a lot more, that's because WordPress is a brilliant piece of software.

You can use the plugin to fix the issue. It will display the first image of the post or page you are on. In case someone likes your Category or Tag page, then the first image of the first post in the listing will be used.

Like Thumbnail

Author: Ashfame, version: 0.4, updated: August 12, 2019,
Requires WP version: 3.1 or higher, tested up to: 5.2.17.
Download ( hits) (5 votes)

You will need to edit a line which is highlighted in the code below to change the default fallback image to your logo so that whenever, the post doesn't have any image in it, your logo will be displayed. If you don't edit that line, then my logo will be displayed and I might sue you for that.

I have added a couple of features in the plugin, so I don't recommend you to use the snippet anymore. Using the plugin will make it easier for you to receive updates without touching any code. WordPress Facebook Like Thumbnail Plugin v0.2

In case, you don't want to download yet another plugin, you can add the following code in your functions.php file I recommend everyone to use the plugin version instead so that you can receive updates automatically.

Facebook crawls your page every 24 hours (at max), so you may not see the change right away but you would see it instantaneously, if you use the Linter tool once for that page because it updates the thumbnail for that page, right away.

I might add an options page for it to add an image if users request start coming up. Also I will host it on WordPress repositories once I get the time to, as I will need to look into it first.

If you have any question, you can ask in the comments. Also, please like it (not share) to share it with other fellow bloggers.

258 responses to “WordPress Plugin to fix Facebook Like Thumbnail”

  1. Shane S says:

    Great plugin, thanks! If I want to install this plugin – what is the name I should search in the plugin directory?

    Also – is there a plugin for the floating facebook/twitter box you have on the left hand side of your posts?
    Thanks much!

  2. hi mate’s yes excellent, idea plus why the hell does every site want you to go through facebook as far as i am concerned everything on there is private to that person they have there family names there photos & other personal stuff on there & it should be kept that way, Facebook is playing with people’s lives, i use an alias for the net which has been good up until this s…! with sites & facebook so now whenever they advertise something i don’t bother thank’s for the help gazza

  3. virginia says:

    I added some of this code to my function.php in TwentyTen and the site went down, I was kicked out and can no longer access even my login page!!!!

    • Ashfame says:

      That’s because you did something wrong. If you don’t feel confident, then use the plugin instead. And if your site is still down, edit the file via FTP.

  4. Ileane says:

    Hi Ashframe, this looks like a great plugin. I read about it on ShoutmeLoud.
    I wish there was a way that I could get the right thumbnail image when I share stories from other blogs – not just on my own blog. Do you have any tips for that?

    Thanks again for making the plugin and best of luck with it. I will give it a good rating when it’s in the WordPress repository.

    • Ashfame says:


      Its “Ashfame”. Its already in the plugin repository. Link is in the post itself.
      Regarding your question, if you use the share button instead of the like button then you get to chose the thumbnail you want it to show up. But that’s certainly not easy with all round the web. You can possibly make a JS bookmarklet (piece of js code) which does that.

      And thanks for your kind words and stopping by. 🙂

    • Ashfame says:

      Alright, here is what you can use. Drag & drop this → Share on Facebook on your bookmark bar and now whenever you will click it, it will be ready to share the current tab URL giving you options to chose the thumbnail.

      In case the site in mention has already set the image to be used for thumbnail, you won’t get options.

      P.S. – Should work for every javascript enabled browser 🙂

  5. […] Though there is a small glitch into the button that it will pick any random image from the whole page. Guys from Ashfame have developed a WordPress plugin which will make sure that first image from the post will be shown when someone will like your blog post via Facebook like button. You can download plugin from here. […]

  6. Anand Kumar says:

    Thanks for the such awesome plugin and this is a great feature!!

  7. […] For advanced users, the plugin author offers a simple function you can add to your functions.php on his website should you wish, and there is also a simple tag available for non-Wordpress users to add to your header to achieve a similar outcome. […]

  8. Rob says:

    This is a great plugin but the biggest problem is that i cannot choose which image to pull. Is there a chance to do that?
    Also, when posting the link of a gallery post to my page i know can only choose that one given image and not all the images in the gallery. That pretty much makes it useless to me. Any chance of changing this?

    • Ashfame says:


      If you set which one to use, then you won’t get options to chose from. For gallery pages, you can use this bookmarklet – http://blog.ashfame.com/2011/02/wordpress-plugin-fix-facebook-like-thumbnail/#comment-18998 if you are not using the plugin functionality on that page (may be like hooking up the plugin not to do anything on your gallery pages).

      • Rob says:

        thx, what do i have to do to set individual images? When writing the blog post? The share button wont be there for much longer. The plugin would be best if it chooses an image out of a range of images. That way it might still work when posting it to a fan page?!

        • Ashfame says:

          If you don’t use the plugin, and use share button (not like button), that you can see on my blog (floating on the left), then only you will get options to chose thumbnail. If someone likes your page, then a random image might be chosen which is the problem this plugin solves.
          Right now you can chose a second or third image by editing this line

          $thumb = $matches[1][0];


          $thumb = $matches[1][1];

          for second image &

          $thumb = $matches[1][2];

          for third image in a post.

          Hope that helps! 🙂

          • Rob says:

            thx, i edited the plugin to [1][5] and posted a link to FB but right now it just shows the loading bar with 0 preview images. Not sure if it takes a while to adapt?!

            • Ashfame says:

              That will try to fetch sixth image of the post. Also change the line

                  if ( $output > 6 )

              so that if there is no sixth image then it can fallback to the default which is the logo. Use the linter tool to test else it will take max 24hours to update.

  9. Jeremy says:

    Since you are adding a line to the head of your page, you might as well correct it to include the one recommended by facebook, using the Open Graph protocol, and the tag meta property=”og:image”.

    That would be more “by the book”. 🙂

  10. […] Ashish Saini did a great job by creating a WordPress plugin and also a PHP code with similar functionality. Here we are going to see the two methods by which you can solve the Facebook Like Thumbnail problem easily. […]

  11. kenny says:

    Hey, I activated the plugin but when I enter the URL in FB, I’m still not getting a thumbnail. Also if someone just clicks Like from the site, on their FB it doesn’t show the thumbnail either. Is there anything else I need to do besides activating the plugin?

  12. kenny says:

    its working now, but it doesn’t work when someone clicks Like This. Just works on posting in directly on FB…

    • Ashfame says:

      Please note that it can take 24hours before Facebook crawls your page again and save changes. If you want to test, then you can use the linter tool(link is in the post itself), it manually refreshes the page.

      The page which suspect is not working, try its URL in linter tool and see what image does it show up. If that’s correct, then everything is fine.

  13. Namit Gupta says:

    Thanks for the manual code. Works perfectly fine.

  14. Tyson says:

    Awesome code. Thanks for sharing it!

  15. Mizar says:


  16. […] web developer Ashish K Saini aka Ashfame created an awesome WordPress plugin to fix FaceBook Like Thumbnail. Which is great for controlling the thumbnail that appears when other’s share posts from our […]

  17. […] the extremely helpful original blog post from Ashfame that helped me correct this […]

  18. Adam says:

    Extremely helpful post & plugin Ash! I immediately installed it on all of my sites & all are working just fine now 🙂 I also just published a post on my blog sharing your plugin with everyone.


    Hope you get the trackback & I’m looking forward to learning more from you!

    • Ashfame says:

      Thanks Adam for spreading the word about it. Feel free to subscribe so that you can catch up with updates easily.
      Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

  19. […] page, Facebook could post a totally irrelevant image with the link. Here’s a great, simple WordPress plugin to fix the Facebook Like thumbnail. This entry was written by Mark Traphagen, posted on February 28, 2011 at 1:14 pm, and filed […]

  20. (amanda) says:

    You have made me eternally happy. I’ve been trying to fix this for weeks! Thanks so much!

  21. Daniel says:

    Ashfame, this is such a useful plugin, man. I just installed and, through the URL Linter, saw that the post images are being grabbed. Until now the likes to my posts were using sidebar images, ugly ugly! Hope you will continue to work on this plugin; be sure you have a new fan 🙂

    • Ashfame says:

      Thanks for your nice words, Daniel!
      Although, there is not much to work in this small plugin, I will support it if there are some issues, don’t worry.

      Look forward for some more plugins soon 😉

  22. Teddy says:

    Hi Ashfame,

    I am having a small issue with Post thumbnails when using Networked Blogs to import my posts into Facebook Notes. Would this plugin help that?

    What I’m doing is this. When I make a Post, I use a Custom Field to enter the link to an image. Then in Facebook, the app NetworkedBlogs pulls that post in to my Notes section, but each time the note shows up on my FB wall, it’s showing an image from the frontpage slider. Always the same image, but never the image from the Post.

    I downloaded and installed your plugin, but I’m not very sure how to run it or how it works.

    Thanks again for the plugin and your help in advance.

    • Ashfame says:

      Hi there,

      I am not aware of how NetworkedBlogs app work. My plugin works by selecting the first image in your post as the thumbnail, and not the page content where other images (such as slider ones) come before it.

      • Teddy says:

        Hi Ashfame,

        Thanks for your quick reply. I think NetworkBlogs works by reading the RSS feed, so maybe that is the difference.
        Thanks again for the explanation.


  23. Marko says:

    Hey Ashfame, this plugin works great, but it could be a bit better 😉

    I would like to have the possibility to use the first post image, but to fallback to featured image, and in the end to the default one. Is there an easy way to add this to the plugin?

    All best,

    • Ashfame says:

      Hi Marko,

      Shouldn’t the featured image be the first option instead of the first image in the post? Because that’s what you set specifically for an image and its size may vary for different people, so I am not sure whether it will be a good idea to use them.
      If more requests come in, I will look into it & if its a good fit, I will implement this in the post.

      • Marko says:

        Yes, you’re right. Featured Image should be the first choice. And I guess, as with other images, Facebook creates a thumbnail that fits into their likes…

        Is there an easy way to include it into the plugin. I understand how that section should work, but I stopped writing code years ago and it would take me some time to figure out how to check if post has a featured image, and then how to assign in to the $thumb

        Appreciate all the help 🙂

  24. strack says:


    I need help with this. The image of post that I want to use as thumbnail in facebook is in index.php. The post itself dont contain the image or the path to it.

    How to work it out?

    • Ashfame says:

      What do you exactly mean by “image is in index.php”? Where in the file? Do you just want a single image for your site?

  25. Michael Peace says:

    Great plugin! I have it activated but right now, the default image I set only shows up when I share/like one of the regular pages, not the actual blog posts. I’m new to WP so it might be something simple I’m missing. But right now, if I share/like a “post” page (i.e., one of my blog posts) it still shows my Gravatar image on a FB like/link share. Is there anyway to make that show my default image that I set in this plugin file just like it does when I share/like one of the other pages on the site (i.e., home page, about page, contact page, etc.). Thanks!!

    • Michael Peace says:

      Oops nevermind I figured it out 🙂 I had to update the settings in my “Share and Follow” plugin. I figured it was something simple that I was forgetting to do.

  26. Michelle Rupisan says:

    The option you recommended in case I did not install the plugin works fine.. thanks a lot 🙂 U saved my mood..


  27. LePigeon says:

    hi Ashfame

    your plugin works ok with Like button, but now when I copy url of my blog and pass it to facebook, there are no thumbnails to choose 🙁 Is this normal?

    • Ashfame says:

      hi there,

      In that case too, it will pick the specified thumbnail only. You don’t get options to chose a thumbnail, unless you are using the share button

  28. Maaike Quinn says:

    Thank you so much! This issue was driving me nuts and now it’s solved. Woohoo!!

  29. Maaike Quinn says:

    By the way, if someone likes my home page, the thumbnail image of the first post will show up on Facebook. Obviously I’d rather show my logo in this case. Is there a way I can do this? Thanks!

    • Ashfame says:

      You are welcome!
      Yes that can be done, but shouldn’t you give your users an opportunity of liking your fan page instead of homepage?

  30. Silent Rocco says:

    Thanks for this fantastic plugin!!
    Just installed it. But I have another question. Is this also working for tweets? On Facebook, I can choose the thumbnail, likes are solved via your great plugin, but if I tweet a link, I would also love to have a tool, that automatically chooses the first image. Is this solved automatically via your plugin already (didn’t test it) or is there a similar workaround? Hoping for a reply. Cheers from Berlin,


    • Silent Rocco says:

      Sorry, I forgot: These tweets get forwarded to Facebook automatically 🙂 of course.
      Just Twitter … and my request wouldn’t make any sense.

      • Ashfame says:

        Tweets don’t have images attached to them self which is equivalent to sharing a page in Facebook status update before it can get up with a thumbnail (ever tried sharing a link by quickly hitting enter after pasting in the URL?). If the Facebook is going to chose a thumbnail, the plugin already sets the image to be used but if there is no thumbnail involved, like in the case of a tweet, there will be no thumbnails at all. There is nothing to fix here.

        • Silent Rocco says:

          I use one of the countless apps calles SupaSync, that takes my tweets and posts them (with images and unfolded links (like embedded videos)) to Facebook. So, I guess SupaSync or whatever app would pull the thumbnail that I set up with your plugin? Oh wait. I’ll simply test it now. But thanks for your reply!

  31. Great work and thanks!

    I extended your code to support using a custom Thumbnail if available. In the Posts page, specify the URL to the image in an “image” custom field. Use the following code to use the custom field if available.

    function fb_like_thumbnails()
    	global $posts;
    	$default = 'hhttp://blog.ashfame.com/wp-content/themes/ashfameblog/images/ashfame-logo.png';
    	/* Get thumbnail from "image" custom field if available */
    	$postid = get_the_ID();
    	$thumb = get_post_meta ($postid, 'image', $single = true);
    	if ( $thumb == '')
    		$content = $posts[0]->post_content; // $posts is an array, fetch the first element
    		$output = preg_match_all( '/<img.+src=[\'"]([^\'"]+)[\'"].*>/i', $content, $matches);
    		if ( $output > 0 )
    			$thumb = $matches[1][0];
    			$thumb = $default;
    	echo "\n\n<!-- Facebook Like Thumbnail (see functions.php) -->\n<link rel=\"image_src\" href=\"$thumb\" />\n<!-- End Facebook Like Thumbnail -->\n\n";
  32. Zudie says:

    Thanks for the code! Saved me a lot of time.

    In my case I neede the featured image though as we don’t include the image in the post itself.

    I changed the code to below. Might be cleaned up a little, but I needed a quick fix:
    In functions.php:

    add_action( ‘wp_head’, ‘fb_like_thumbnails’ );

    function fb_like_thumbnails()
    global $posts;
    $default = ‘http://www.mysite.com/wp-content/themes/mytheme/images/mylogo.png’;
    $post_id = $posts[0]->ID; // $posts is an array, get the post ID
    if( (function_exists(‘has_post_thumbnail’)) && (has_post_thumbnail()) ) {
    $image_id = get_post_thumbnail_id($post_id);
    $image_url = wp_get_attachment_image_src($image_id,’thumbnail’, true);
    $image_url = $image_url[0];
    if ( $image_url ) {$thumb = $image_url;}
    else {$thumb = $default;}

    echo “\n\n\n\n\n\n”;

    • Zudie says:

      Hmmm, the “echo” part didn’t come through correctly.
      But that’s the same as original.

    • Bart says:

      I’ve added this code (that Zudie has put together) to my functions.php but it uses the default image (as set using $default in the PHP) specified instead of the thumb of the featured image. Yes; I do have a featured image set for each of my posts… so not sure what the problem is. Anyone able to offer any assistance?

    • Himel says:

      Hi Zudie,

      I tried your solution to featured image. but mine is still not working.

      plz check: http://bit.ly/ejE8iS (just for url privacy)

      its just taking other image not even the default image i set to $default=

      i opened the index.php file and found that the featured images are calling in the post like this:

      <a href="”> <img src="ID ), ‘single-post-thumbnail’ ); echo get_bloginfo(“template_url”).”/thumb.php?src=”.$image[0].”&w=125&h=125&zc=1″; ?>” alt=”” width=”125″ height=”125″ />

      do i need any thing to change on function.php code that you supplied. plz help, totally noob in php coding.

  33. Nick says:

    Hi Ashfame

    Firstly, thank you for the plugin and the helpful post. I was having a problem with the facebook like thumbnail on my site, so I’ve installed your plugin which has solved part of the problem.

    Originally there was just a random thumbnail generated, now it is pulling up the ‘default’ thumbnail (ie my logo) but it’s still not taking the image from the post. This is the case even when using the linter tool. See here for example http://wherethehatis.com/seating/one-c-chair

    Do you have any suggestions? It would be much appreciated. By the way, it’s an e-commerce site and though the images are associated with the post, they’re not embedded in the usual way. I’m not sure if that would make any difference.



    • Ashfame says:

      Hi Nick,

      They need not be attached to the post. The plugin will pick the

      tag from the post’s content.
      You don’t have images inside your posts, you are using something else. I believe this is a templatic theme which used to just insert the image in a metabox and output it on the theme. You will need code for pulling one of that image, this plugin won’t be a fit for you.

  34. Matic says:


    Great plugin, thanks!!

    Wish it would work with java images as well.. I use NextGen plugin gallery in my WP if I have 2 or more images. I just like the lightwindow for opening images. Here, your fix doesn’t work, it reverts to the default image – still a lot better then the previous “fake” image. 🙂

    You think there’s a way to include images in java/flash as well or this can’t be done?



    • Ashfame says:


      My plugin doesn’t work because it is not supposed to fix what you want. It uses the images tag in the post content.
      I think this is fixable because NGG is adding up the images as images tag only.

      I am busy with other projects at the moment. I would appreciate if you are willing to help in fixing this.
      So how does NGG adds a gallery to your post? Using a shortcode?

  35. Himel says:

    Hi Ashish,
    I tried your solution, i have manually pasted your code on my function.php but in my case its still taking random image to thumbnail.

    plz check: http://bit.ly/ejE8iS (just for url privacy)

    P.S: i dont have any image in my post. image is there as thumbnail featured image. i need to get that on fb like.

    plzzzz help

  36. Matic says:


    I found another problem..
    Previously FB found all the thumbs in a post when I posted a link from my WP blog to my FB Page, even with pictures in java (NextGen Gallery).. but now, it doesn’t. If I have your plugin activated it only offers me one (default logo) thumb and no others. If I turn the plugin off, it offers me all 4 thumbs from my NGG post.. :/


    • Ashfame says:


      The plugin sets an image to be used so you won’t get any options. Can you answer my earlier question – How does Nextgen add gallery in your posts? Using a shortcode? How does it look like in the editor when you add a gallery?

      • Matic says:

        Ashfame, I’ve tried to reply 3 times and even sent you an email with it.. guess you didn’t get it. I tried just now and again, the reply is not visible. I guess since I included some code with it.

        Here’s part of reply with no code:

        When I want to post a new photo post, I go to the NextGen section in my WP admin and create a new gallery with unique ID. I upload images to that gallery (all this is done in browser, no ftp or anything), then ad a code in my post in a form of: [nggallery id=93]

        Check out one of my posts at blog(DOT)matickos(DOT)com and look at the source code for the post. Links to thumbs are clearly shown, so I bet you could extract them somehow..


        • Ashfame says:

          Okay! I got what I need to look further. And replying to the comment notification isn’t a good idea. Those notification emails are caught up in filters. Best is to leave a comment on the blog post, this way you can be sure it gets across me.

          • Matic says:


            I didn’t reply to comment notification (don’t even have it turned on), I’ve send you a brand new email to the one on your contact page 😉

            I do hope you’ll be able to upgrade your plugin. 🙂
            I’ve got huge dilemmas now, if I use it people will get at least the default logo icon on their likes, but I won’t be able to use the correct icon in my FB shares/post (will get the same default logo icon), and if I don’t use it people get some stupid blue icon, but I can choose the correct one for my fb posts.. :/

            Thanks a million!

            • Matic says:

              Hi Ashfame..

              did you have a chance and look at a solution for multiple images and/or us NGG users?
              I imagined it’s not a complicate one, just tell the script to check if NGG code is present and then a) use the first NGG thumb image, or b) let me pick the one thumb from all that it finds..
              Not that simple right? I’m a noob with code, I told you 😉

              But either would be great! 🙂

              I now had to turn the plug-in off, since I HATE having my logo (that’s my default thumb) shown with every link/post I make on my FB Page. I have it off so I can pick my thumb for my FB posts, even if that means the rest of the people that like my post get some stupid blue icon :/


              • Ashfame says:

                I will check it out as soon as I get free of the current piled up work, probably in the next couple of days.

              • Matic says:

                Great! 🙂

                I’ve actually come up with an easy work around.. that I like a lot to be honest!
                I put one image on its own, no script, full size, on top, then I put the rest of the photos in NGG gallery below.
                This now fixes my thumb problem (as your script sees the first picture and uses that as thumb) and I also have a bit more interesting post. Instead of just small thumbs, I have one big picture and some thumbs 🙂

                Now I can sleep better 😉


  37. Silent Rocco says:

    Yes, an update would be GREAT!
    Having the same problem for a friends wordpress blog right now. He is using featured images and it would be great to have them in the likes (since they are always the most important/headline images). And when I now use your plugin and post the link manually, It just takes the first image from within the post, so I can’t event choose anymore… like Matic said. So, a small dilemma, yes 🙂

    Hoping for a fix too.

  38. Arvena says:

    Hello, thank you very much for your plugin. However I have a question. I tried to find the answer in other comments, but I got confused. My site – http://www.motywujsie.pl shows images only – one post is always one image. I wish that the very particular image (that is liked) would be shown in Facebook news stream. On the main page I have always 10 posts (and 10 images and 10 Like Buttons). My default image is logo. What should I do? Thank you very much for your time and answer in advance.

  39. DF says:

    Thanks for the plugin!
    But Im having a problem.
    My image shows up fine in the facebook lint site, but when I try Sharing it in facebook, no image is retrieved.

    For example:

    I already waited 24h…
    Any ideas?

    • Ashfame says:

      I just checked, this is weird. Can you try via a like button once to see if that makes any difference?

      • DF says:

        Here’s something interesting I just learned: a friend of mine tried sharing the same link in his facebook and voilá – it showed the image ok! What could it be? A problem with my facebook (or my Chrome browser)? Maybe a configuration I have to set up?

        PS: About your suggestion of “like buttion”, do you mean including a code in my site that adds a Like button to my posts? I dont want that…

  40. jen says:

    Hi Ashfame,

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m not too technically savvy and something is not clear to me: Do we use your plugin in conjunction with a Facebook Like plugin? I noticed when I installed your plugin there was no Like button on my posts (I had deactivated my current Like plugin in order to use this one).

    Thank you.

    • Ashfame says:


      You will still need to use the FB like plugin. This only fixes the problem with the random thumbnail being chosen by Facebook.

  41. David says:

    Have you tried implementing this with Thesis? does it work?

  42. Ali Assadi says:

    Thanks a lot for this great job.
    it works as fine as piece of cake.

    Thanks thanks!

    Good luck

  43. Pat says:

    That was the most rewarding ‘like’ I’ve ever committed. Thanks.

  44. Dennis says:


    Thank you for this great article! Facebook Open Graph can destroy lifes…:-)
    One more question: I wrote the meta tags into my header.php (og:xxx), and I want to use the code, not the plugin. Do I have to write a “og:image” into the header? Or does Facebook find the thumbnail just because I wrote your code into the functions.php?

    • Ashfame says:

      Ditch the manual code, use the plugin & upgrade to v0.2 which will take care of almost all the features asked in the comments. And you don’t need to do anything in your header.

      • Elle says:

        Facebook Linter is telling me that the “og:” things are required after I’ve set up your plugin, so I don’t think it works. ??

        Also, how do I set a featured thumbnail? I have a theme which sets an image outside of the thumbnail system, and I’d like to just throw up a URL for Facebook to “prefer” – you don’t even explain this featured image business.

        Thanks for any help.

        • Elle says:

          Also, it didn’t set the default image in the Linter for the homepage. Is it supposed to?

          • Ashfame says:

            Yes! After the plugin is activated, you will be able to see the changes in the Lint tool live. If not, then there is a problem and I can take a look if you can provide me the URL.

        • Ashfame says:

          First of all, other OG tags are not required for the thumbnail functionality but having them don’t hurt, in fact its a good thing. You can use a plugin for that, do so googling.

          Regarding, featured thumbnails, I am not supposed to explain them. People who use them, only they will prefer that to be the thumbnail. If you are not using them or not even images in your posts, from where do you expect the image should come from? You must speciy it, right?

          And for the record, Featured thumbnails are theme specific, your theme support it, if you can see its metabox on right bottom on the post writing page.

          • Elle says:

            I’ve figured it out!!!

            Facebook just seems to not work with JPEGs.

            My theme developer (more of a seller/support-giver, not a hiree, just saying) gave me a bit of a tip on that one, so I have that organization to thank.

  45. Leif Martinez says:

    I have “Facebook Comments for WordPress” plugin installed & i have the wrong thumbnails being displayed. Does you plugin work for the “Facebook Comments for WordPress” plugin?

    I visited the Facebook URL Linter site, inserted my URL.. I noticed my FEATURED images on my WordPress site do not display. Is this to be expected?



  46. Ashfame says:

    Hey everyone!

    I have updated the plugin to version 0.2, post highlighting the details will soon follow up. Time to ditch the code and start using the plugin. No edits in the code are required now. 🙂

  47. Juniper says:

    Howdy. Love the plugin. It completely solved the issue with Facebook grabbing the wrong images.

    Is anyone else having trouble with Facebook posts getting duplicated? Every blog post that has an image that I push to Facebook via “Facebook Page Publish” plugin gets duplicated. Blog posts that are just text push to Facebook just fine.

    I can’t figure out what is causing it. Also noticed that my site backup size – via plugin – has grown huge really quickly. I only have maybe 2mb of images on the whole site and the individual backup now runs to 90mb.


    • Ashfame says:

      Most probably its the plugin which is doing the stuff. You would better be asking the plugin author on WordPress support forums. Regarding your backup, open it once and just see why the size is big 🙂

      • Juniper says:

        Thanks for the quick response! You beat me to it 😉 I figured out the backup size thing. It was the notorious bug called “user error.” I thought I had saved the settings excluding the directory containing the backups but I hadn’t…

        Still having the double-image posting issue though. I found out my other blog doesn’t have the issue when I post images and it has all the same plugins so I’ll try doing a side-by-side on some of the theme and plugin config files to see if anything is funky. Thanks!

    • Juniper says:

      Woot! I figured out the double-posting issue for anyone else having a similar problem. For whatever reason, if you have an image in the post and that image is linked to an attachment then one of the plugins or facebook think the linked image is a different post (I think).

      Anyway. The solution is to just break the attachment hyperlink to your images so they just show up but aren’t clickable to a sub-page showing the attachment image without the rest of the post text.

      Thanks again for this awesome addon! Was very annoyed that Facebook or the publish plugin were pulling non-pertinent images.

      • Ashfame says:

        I think your plugin doesn’t make sense with the attachments here because attachments are indeed stored along with posts in the post table, I could be wrong though. Good to hear that you got it sorted out. 🙂

  48. Dex says:

    Oh 0.1 worked just fine for my site, but when I updated to 0.2 facebook linter given out bad image URI and Thumbnails were random. I recovered 0.1 and now it works great, I don’t know what’s the problem, but now I would only test newer versions and use 0.1. If you need an example just ask I’ll show you one :).

  49. Dex says:

    Thanks a lot for your hard work. But if it’s only my problem don’t worry, all I have to do is not to update a single plugin. I just thought that I could help you fix this bug. If everything works just fine I don’t see a reason to switch all plugins off then go to default theme. It’s ok I like it that way (and it’s much more easier), if on newer versions of your plugin this problem fixes I’ll contact you.
    And 1 more time Thank you.

    Best regards, Andrew.

    • Ashfame says:

      I meant to disable plugins & switch to default theme temporarily so as to figure out the cause of the problem, not permanently. Rest is upto you. As per me, the newer plugin will never fix your issue, as its not a bug. Something wrong is going on in your setup which is at your will to trace down or leave it. And in case if you don’t want featured thumbnails, or the new features that plugin may have, then stick to the v0.1

      • Dex says:

        Ok no problems if there will be need in some other functions I’ll try to fix it myself 🙂 I have all features I need and if it’s only my issue that’s great. Thanks and 1 more time bye.

  50. Idaho Jill says:

    you have really, truly, seriously made my day, thanks so much. I could not find the answer to this for so long (months) – all of my pics are on picasa, not in ‘media’ in wordpress, so I couldn’t get any of them to show up with all of the codes I have found while googling this issue…yours pulls the correct image just fine. thank you thank you thank you!

  51. Mark Harbert says:


    You are awesome man. I have been frustrated with this problem for months. and now its fixed. Thank you so much for this plugin, you are a rockstar my friend.

    Mark Harbert

  52. Matic says:

    Thx for the update Ashfame, works like a charm!! 🙂

  53. Rebe says:

    Where do I edit the line to designate a ‘default’ thumbnail? I do not find your code example with the highlight to be in the functions.php file. I am able to install, and the plugin works, but I cannot figure out how to set the default (it would be nice to be able to set it on the plugin admin page…)

  54. Adam Pervez says:

    Man, you are a lifesaver. Thanks so much for ending hours of research with a simple click and installation!

  55. […] to the people over at iTechBlog (who found the solution at Ashframe) I found a very simple solution to the problem – although I did have to make some mods to the […]

  56. Dan says:

    Hey there,
    I just placed it on my blog. Activated, set up things.
    Yet the first like still shows a sidebar image, not the image in post 🙁

    Any suggestions?

  57. y2kemo says:

    Thanks Ashish! This is exactly what I needed to fix the ever-changing FB.

  58. vics says:

    You are the best!!

  59. […] ?i încercând s? g?sesc o rezolvare. Am citit mai multe articole (cele mai relevante: 1,2,3) ?i am testat vreo 15 pluginuri […]

  60. Gordon says:

    Thank you for your great plugin! Your plugin, the latest version I downloaded today was working just fine (like I could show my first image in any posts as a facebook thumnail).

    However it started not working suddenly after I created the facebook developer account to create “like this” button again.

    Then I used the old button code but it also didn’t work….!!
    As far as I know, until very recent, anybody could create the FB like this button without being authorized. I found out it’s no longer available. Do you think facebook did some update which your plugin won’t work?

    • Ashfame says:

      No! Start over and you should be fine.

      • Gordon says:

        Thank you Ashfame for very quick reply!
        I checked this morning and your plugin was working very well!!!;)) I don’t why it didn’t last night though..
        I will see how it goes.

        By the way, Is that possible to use a valid xhtml code for defining a default thumnail which goes before closing “” like below. When I put your old code into function.php, it output valid html code for the default thumnail but not now using plugin(not putting code in function.php).

        • Ashfame says:

          Sorry but I didn’t get anything what you said. Use the plugin instead, you won’t have any validation problems that you might face when manually copy pasting the code.

          • Gordon says:

            Thanks for your reply.
            And sorry for my bad English, I think my html tag was all gone when I submitted the comment, that’s why it didn’t make sense..

            Ashfame I actually use your plugin, I haven’t been using the code manually anymore since your advice from the latest plugin update but still validation problem occur.

            It output meta tag in header right? And validation service says there is no attribute “property” in meta.

            Any idea for this?

  61. Richard says:

    Great plugin, works a treat but I have one small problem. It conflicts with the Fast and Secure Contact Form plugin.

    When the Facebook Like Thumbnail plugin is enabled the Fast and Secure Contact Form doesn’t then redirect after the message has sent, instead it stays on the same page. Do you have any ideas as to why this would happen? If I disable your plugin the contact form works fine.

    • Riversatile says:

      Hi Richard,
      I’ve the same issue ! Have you received the solution ?


      • Riversatile says:

        …OK… I understand why Contact Form is not working fine !
        As [Tobias] said belown, ReCaptcha is not working too, and i thought it was logic !!!
        Because the plugin “Facebook Like Thumbnail” takes the first thumbnail/image in the post/page. So, on our Page “Contact” with the Contact Form plugin “Fast and Secure Contact Form”, “Facebook Like Thumbnail” takes the Captcha image (the code the users must type) !

        But this is not the solution ! I’ve tried to put a image first at the begin of my Contact page, It’s the same issue.
        Haaarggg !!!!

        • Riversatile says:

          I’ve found the solution !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          To make “Fast and Secure Contact Form” compatible with “Facebook Like Thumbnail”, do these modification on the file “facebook-like-thumbnail.php” below !

          Instead of :
          if ( is_single() is_page() ) {
          if ( function_exists( ‘has_post_thumbnail’ ) ) { // compatibility with themes who doesn’t support featured thumbnails
          if ( has_post_thumbnail( $posts[0]->ID ) ) {
          $thumb = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id( $posts[0]->ID) );
          $thumb = $thumb[0]; // take the URL from the array
          $thumb_set = true;
          PUT this [ remove is_page() ] :
          if ( is_single() ) {
          if ( function_exists( ‘has_post_thumbnail’ ) ) { // compatibility with themes who doesn’t support featured thumbnails
          if ( has_post_thumbnail( $posts[0]->ID ) ) {
          $thumb = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id( $posts[0]->ID) );
          $thumb = $thumb[0]; // take the URL from the array
          $thumb_set = true;
          And to finish PUT :

          if ( is_page() ) {

          just after “function fb_like_thumbnails()”, like that :
          function fb_like_thumbnails()
          global $posts;
          $options = get_option(‘fb_like_thumbnail’);
          $default = $options[‘default’];

          if ( is_page() ) {
          This will stop (do a return) the function if webbrowser detect a page is loading 😉
          So, from now, function fb_like_thumbnails() is not loaded for all your pages. You can choose which page are affected or not by using this :
          function fb_like_thumbnails()
          global $posts;
          $options = get_option(‘fb_like_thumbnail’);
          $default = $options[‘default’];

          if ( is_page(42) ) {
          In this example, the page that has the ID 42 will not load the function fb_like_thumbnails()


  62. Tobias says:

    It seems the plugin has a conflict with reCAPTCHA. When I use the plugin and a form with reCAPTCHA code the reCAPTCHA form give an error like “The reCAPTCHA was incorrect” back, but the email was sent in the background.
    In my case I use reCAPTCHA Form (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/recaptcha-form/) and WordPress Form Manager (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-form-manager/), the issue is in both plugins. When I deactivate the FB thumbnail plugin the error is gone, in both plugins.

  63. Nicole says:


    I love your plugin. It worked very well for a long time, but all the sudden it does not work any longer. I can’t solve the Problem becuase I dind’t chage anything on my blog except the regular wordpress updates. Do you have any idea what could stop the plugin from working? I would realy appreciate your help, because I’m a little dispaired.

    Best wishes

    • George says:

      Yes, it doesn’t work for me too anymore. :/
      I guess it’s something Facebook did.

    • Natalia says:

      I also have problems now 🙁 Ypur plugin worked perfectly fine until yesterday night. I published 3 new posts at midnight. “Like It” only for one of them (the oldest of three) works well. The other two don’t work. First of all I couldn’t even click the like button. Now it works, but publishes wrong images on the FB board (instead of the first image in the post – which was perfect for me, it grabs random old image). Is that a Facebook fault? It must be, because I have changed nothing on my blog. Thank you for your attention.

      • Natalia says:

        Well, the problem isn’t solved. The plugin worked last Thursday and now it is broken again. I have no idea what might be the reason. Please, help!

  64. woody914 says:

    Would like to seek your advice as it looks like I’m the odd one that is having a problem. The plugin somehow doesn’t work (waited 24 hours after installation, and used “Lint” tools repeatedly, though), and a wrong image is always chosen.

    Here’s some facts.
    *When I “Lint”, I always get the warning “Bad Image Url. The image url is not compliant with RFC2396 and will not be displayed correctly.”
    *”Like” button is inserted in posts using “Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons” plugin.
    *I always use “Add an Image” button to attach a photo to my post.

    Do you see any cause of this problem? Thank you for your help.

  65. Jeff Tovar says:


    Great plugin, solved our issues of having Facebook choose random images for our shared thumbnails.

    One issue, however. Facebook seems to be cropping these images into rectangles when the original Featured Image is a perfect square, and it’s usually an unattractive crop point. Is there a way I can control the thumbnail to remain it’s original shape and just bring down the dimensions accordingly?


  66. Gerard says:

    Hello, this is exactly what I need and I installed your plugin but now the Like plugin doesn’t work so I cannot like anything on my blog. Any suggestions?

  67. Thomas says:

    Hi there,

    This plugin is excellent and is working fine. But I’m experiencing a problem with it. I’m also using the NextGen plugin to display photos and if I activate these 2 plugins at the same time, then my NextGen galleries are not shown anymore (the albums are working fine).

    Note: I absolutely don’t want to share on Facebook some NextGen images. I just want the 2 plugins to work correctly independently (show galleries and have FB thumbnails for WP posts), which is not the case.

    Any idea?

  68. Ryan Sleeper says:

    Hi Ashish –

    Thanks for the plugin! I had a horrible Friday night trying to figure this out before I found it…

    One question – I have a prominent image in my sidebar that the plugin is pulling for most posts as it is technically the first image on the page (but is not actually in the post).

    Can you provide code I can update to ALWAYS pull the default image? I would like my logo to show every time a Facebook user likes.


  69. brian says:

    So far so good! Brilliant thanks.

  70. Jonas says:

    Works perfect for me. Thanks a lot!

  71. Kimberly says:

    I have a quick question. I noticed on many plugins that offer the facebook “share” option the same issue is happening where the thumbnails dont show up. For example on this page http://www.thebiblepost.com/which-path-are-you-on you click share and it posts but it has no thumbnail. Are you aware of a fix for that as well?

    Thanks in advance

  72. Dan says:

    It seemed to work excellently for me until today. Facebook Lint shows the first (and correct) image it finds to be the thumbnail, but I still get the default image appear on my Facebook wall. Any ideas?

    Keep up the good work!

  73. Mark Nelson says:

    I installed your plug in. When ever someone likes a blog the image that gets shown is my youtube connect with me button. Nothing else. I have an image in my top widget I would like to show up but how do I get that to show up?

  74. […] hat mich in den Kommentaren darauf hingewiesen, dass man die ganze Sache auch mit einem Plugin lösen kann (hier der Link direkt zum Plugin auf WordPress.com). Der Wermutstropfen dabei: Man kann kein […]

  75. Scott says:

    Thanks for that plugin. It seemed to have worked after i sent the URL through the linter. hopefully it keeps working.

  76. […] the extremely helpful original blog post from Ashfame that helped me correct this […]

  77. amazing like a magic thanks

  78. Excellent! Plugin works fine just installing and activating! You save us! Thanks!! 😉

  79. Ashmeet says:

    can you tell me how to add features thumbnail to a post ?

  80. Cyndi says:

    Love the plugin, only thing is if a post doesn’t have an image (featured or otherwise), the default image isn’t being picked up whether sharing via a “social plugin” or direct copy and paste of url. Any idea why?

  81. Tunnox says:

    Hello Ashfame,

    Thanks for this code, but i have one problem. I need to add in the URL this code:

    But everytime it says to me: Invalid link! Please enter a proper link

    How i can edit this manually?

  82. Peter says:

    Hy Ash!

    I am in a little trouble with your plugin. Is this addon capable of getting the image of an embedded video or it is my theme causing the trouble? Because if someone like a post wich has only a video, the featured thumbnail shows up every time. Anyways, it is a brilliant addon. Thanks for that!


    • Peter says:

      I menat the default thumbnail, wich is set at the admin panel. So it can’t retrive the picture of an embedded video. Why is that?

  83. Dan says:

    Hi, the plugin for fb like is a great idea. You mentioned it should start working after 24 hrs, but it still doesn’t. I checked it with Linter tool – it is this — http://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug — right? But it takes the wrong picture anyway, and reports, that “og:image is required”, although in page code I can see it (and it is the right one). What may be else wrong with it, any ideas, please?

  84. Hey Ashish,

    What plugin do you use for FB, Share and tweets. I’ve been puzzeling for two days and it’s still not what i would like to see. Many thanx!

  85. Rafael says:

    Wonderful plugin/code. I’m actually using the code alone in my blog because I don’t wanna get another plugin for now… but it just solve my problem instantly. Great! Thank you!

    I can see you’re not answering any questions lately, but I’ll try anyway. Here it is: I noticed when copying a url from a post and trying to share manually on Facebook, I still have the same issue of not showing any image at all. Not the images linked to posts (perfectly showing when using the “like button”) or any default images at all.

    I thought the code would also solve this issue, but it doesn’t. Any tips? Thanks!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Rafael, That is something Facebook has to fix, nothing to do with this plugin. Have a look at this document: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/

      • Ashfame says:

        Don’t just blow false whistles. On the same link, it says you need to mention certain tags on the page from Facebook infer values of certain things. And this plugin fills in the image tag for a WordPress install.

        • Karen says:

          Thanks Ash for the info. I was under the impression that copy-pasting a url on FB wall has nothing to do with opengraph/imageurl. But after installed this plugin, it works fine even for copy-pasting links.

    • Ashfame says:

      Facebook has been having problems (bugs) in their lint tool & internal code to display it, so images didn’t show up as you would expect them to.

      Moreover you should use the plugin, the load is the same. Its a myth the no of plugins cause slowdowns etc. It depends on what they are doing, and not
      their quantity.

      Use 10s of plugins or put their code in your functions.php, the load will be the same cuz they will do the same amount of work.

    • Karen says:

      I could see that you are using Wp-super-cache plugin. Goto its settings, clear cache and try again. It works fine for me 🙂

  86. Edo says:

    Awesome and very useful code. Thanks for sharing it!

  87. […] problem is using the plugin, Facebook Like Thumbnail. It’s self-explanatory, and it works most of the […]

  88. Ollie Small says:

    Hi Ash, thank-you for the plugin. However, there are still some articles that are sharing the wrong image on Facebook. My magazine site is http://www.libertymagazine.co.uk and, for example, when ‘Shadism’ is ‘liked’ it shows a Kreative Media logo on Facebook instead of the featured image, which is of Beyonce! How can I solve this? Many thanks.

  89. La Flâneuse says:

    I have downloaded your extension as i have a problem with FB displaying articles that I publish.
    It does not seem to be working. Do you have an idea th reason for this?
    This is getting impossible
    Thank you very much

  90. Brian says:

    Thanks a lot for this fix. I couldn’t figure out why there was the G+ image next to every Like from our client’s blog on FB. At first I thought it wasn’t working and then I read below about the Lint tool and FB crawling the site and all seems to be working now. Thanks again.

  91. Viktoria says:

    I have the problem that Facebook doesnt show any thumbnail at all. Is my template outdated or what is the problem? If i put the URL of the blog id gives me an option of 5 images, all wrong. If I put the URL of an individual blogpost i get none.

  92. Mircea says:

    Brilliant plugin, it saved me from many hours of frustration, thanks!

  93. chandresh says:


    I have already installed this plugin and plugin has installed successfully and work in back-end but at front-end where this plugin found ?


  94. Agis F says:

    Hi Ashfame

    Your Facebook Like Thumbnail plugin is very good.
    But when I install Fast Secure Contact plugin,
    I find out that Facebook Like Thumbnail plugin is causing a conflict.
    The redirect feature of Fast Secure Contact is not working.
    Can you exclude Facebook Like Thumbnail from same pages?
    Can you please help?
    Thank you

  95. Boban V says:

    Hi, I have a problem. When I like something from my site, it posts on my Facebook page, but without picture, just name of that post and some code.

    How can I handle this? Thanks.

  96. ????????? says:

    It is not working properly for me. Could you please check where the problem is:


    og:image is properly set to:
    but if you use the like or even the Debugger tool it gives you this image to be used:

    Could you please see why it is happening – I can not figure it out. Also it is showing the wrong images the same way for all other posts.

    • Motivirai.Me says:

      Somehow it thinks that the:
      <meta property="og:image"

      is outside the tag as far as I have noticed… but it is inside in the code… very strange.

  97. John_C says:

    You say “Go to Settings > Facebook Like Thumbnail and enter URL to the default image you would like to use”, but there no place to enter a URL in the plugin settings. Can you help?

    • GabLeRoux says:

      click next to “Default FB Like thumbnail”, the input line isn’t very clear when empty.

      I’d suggest to add some default text to the creator of this plugin on this line, I had the same reaction.

      Anyway, this plugin isn’t working for me when I use share on facebook from the jetpack plugin, maybe it will work after a few minutes tho, I’ll give it a try later.

  98. Tim says:

    To those who still have problems with the Facebook thumbnail not showing up, it could be an issue with W3 Total Cache. After a week of searching, I came up with my own conclusion.

    If you’re running W3 Total Cache on your blog, make sure to reject these user agents in the “page cache” tab in W3 Total Cache:

    This will block W3 Total Cache from sending cached pages to Facebook. This solved my issue with thumbnails and descriptions.

  99. Frank says:

    Thanks for the plugin.

    It was not posting pic on fb, but I saw your post about W3TC. I think that might have fixed it.

    Before plugin it posted:

    Blog Title / Site
    Author Pic (reason for installing plugin)

    Now seems to be missing excerpt. Is there a way to get that back?

  100. deepak kumar says:


    your plugin ‘facebook like thumbnail’ is not working for me.All the times it picks the wrong image in facebook,some times blank image and some time twitter image.Please anybody help me out.

    I have tried both meta tag and link tag at the last line of this following php file

    when there is meta tag like this it show in view source this

    and when there is link tag like this it shows view source like this

    but it always show the wrong images…

    I’ll be very grateful if any body can help me out from this…

    • Brian says:

      Did you guys try the lint tool mentioned above or the link rel=”image_src”? Often it takes FB time to update the image because it has to recrawl so the lint tool fixed it for me.

  101. I just install your plugin and activated it but i no image is showing on share. i also use Object Debugger.
    before installation of plugin my every post shows images of a selective category only.

  102. Rehan Khan says:

    thank you, i was looking for this fix, but the problem is I’m using blogger platform, and facebook is unable to pick right image from my posts.. what to do?

  103. Rahul says:

    Hey Ashfame,
    Thank you for your plugin. I’m one of those guys who am facing the incorrect thumbnail showing up on fb when someone likes the post on my blog. I googled it and found your post in wordpress support. I installed your plugin and then input my url in the FB lint tool. But I am getting this error:Object Invalid Value: Object at URL ‘http://www.themandaldiaries.com/’ of type ‘article’ is invalid because the given value ” for property ‘og:image:url’ could not be parsed as type ‘url’.
    FYI, I have left the default image box blank in the admin page as I want the featured image of the post to show up. My WP version is 3.3.1. Is there anything that can be done to fix this as this is really important and urgent?

  104. Rahul says:

    Update: I set a default image on the settings and now the error is gone. I tried the lint tool and it shows me the image that was chosen by me. I also tested different posts on my blog and the images are coming up fine. So I guess I just need to wait for the image cache to be updated at FB’s end, correct?

  105. Head says:

    Hey just to state that this helps a lot but lately I’ve noticing that this plugin stopped working properly on my WordPress blog. Every time someone clicks on recommend it does take the old logo of my website instead of the first picture from the post. What should I do to correct this? Thanks!

  106. Tiffany says:

    Hi Ashfame!

    I am trying to solve a problem with image shared to our facebook fanpage. I installed your plug-in last week and I have been going round and round on how to get our issue solved.

    It worked for the first post we shared, then back to this image that I can not figure out where it is pulling it from.

    I used lint in facebook and this is the error I am receiving.
    Meta Tags In Body: You have tags ouside of your . This is either because your was malformed and they fell lower in the parse tree, or you accidentally put your Open Graph tags in the wrong place. Either way you need to fix it before the tags are usable.

    I am not sure where I need to go to fix this?

    Thank you!!!

  107. LK says:

    Hello Ashfame,

    I’ve been doing research on trying to solve the Facebook Thumbnail issue for my site. I installed your plugin, but doing so creates the

    “http://www.lordkayoss.com/’ of type ‘article’ is invalid because the given value ” for property ‘og:image:url’ could not be parsed as type ‘url’”

    error that another poster spoke of before. I went into the plugin settings and specified the default image url, but it did not change anything on my end. I used the lint tool on FB to make sure what I was seeing was up to the minute.

    I’m pretty sure the code I have in my header.php file is screwing it up. Inside, I have over a dozen og:image tags that were implemented as a temporary fix to this thumbnail issue some time ago. But, the problem this has caused is whenever any link from any post from my site is shared on FB, it only gives those images as options to choose from. I’d love to be able to simply have the first image from a post be the thumbnail or my default site image if a post doesn’t contain images.

    Would simply removing those og:image tags from my header file allow your plugin to work, or do you see other things I need to do as well?

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  108. Toshi says:

    Hi Ashish,
    Thank you for your great plugin.
    I have a question. Thumnail image output and title of the post are displayed perfectly however the text under the title is my concern. If the post text is long like aaabbbcccdddeeefffggghhhiiijjjkkklllmmmnnnooopppqqqrrrssstttuuuvvvwwwxxxyyyzzz Your plugin can output it as it’s written but if it’s aaabbbcccddd they are ignored… I want your plugin to output them like this “aaabbbcccddd” but your plugin tries to look for sentence that long enough to display instead so it scrape from somewhere else not from the post (if the post doesn’t have long enough text.
    Is that possible to output in the way I like?

    • Toshi says:

      oh Sorry the tags are left off!

      Hi Ashish,
      Thank you for your great plugin. I try again…

      I have a question. Thumnail image output and title of the post are displayed perfectly however the text under the title is my concern. If the post text is long like aaabbbcccdddeeefffggghhhiiijjjkkklllmmmnnnooopppqqqrrrssstttuuuvvvwwwxxxyyyzzz Your plugin can output it as it’s written but if it’s `aaa“bbb“ccc“ddd` they are ignored… I want your plugin to output them like this “aaabbbcccddd” but your plugin tries to look for sentence that long enough to display instead so it scrape from somewhere else not from the post (if the post doesn’t have long enough text.
      Is that possible to output in the way I like?

      • Toshi says:

        I don’t know how to enter paragraph ?p? tags…

        `aaa“bbb“ccc“ddd` are inside 4 paragraph tags.
        Hope you understand….

  109. Ashfame says:

    Hey guys,

    Sorry for not responding here for the last few months, I didn’t have any free time. As of now, I can confirm the plugin works with the latest version of WordPress. About NGGallery, yeah it doesn’t support all methods of how you embed galaries and I am afraid, that’s how its gonna be for now.

    If something is not working for you, most probably its a bug on their end. It has happened several times in the last year. They will fix it by themself. Have patience!

    If you have any questions, please post here instead – http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/facebook-like-thumbnail

    And if you are a developer, this plugin is now also hosted on github – https://github.com/ashfame/facebook-like-thumbnail, so you can directly raise issues over there.

    I will be closing the comments section. Also might release a newer version of plugin which will make lives a little better.

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