[bbPress Plugin] How to disable bbPress registrations

There may be cases where users want to disable new member registrations so as to keep the forum close to the existing members only or its a invite only forum or whatever the case may be. In this post I will demonstrate how can you disable bbPress registrations.

All the registrations are handled by the file register.php of bbPress. So if we just remove the code from register.php then no registrations can take place. But that would be overwritten in a bbPress upgrade so we can make a plugin for that too but checking for an extra thing on every page load is a little overhead that I would want to avoid. Busy forum owners would agree with me on this but if you don’t like to touch the code at all, then you can go for plugin too. Its up to you.

Replace original register.php with this register.php

The contents of new register.php is a single line

<?php /* Silence is Golden */ ?>

Or right click & save this file & then rename it to register.php and replace the original file.

bbPress Disable Registration Plugin

The Code has been taken from a post in bbPress forums.

Download the plugin

If you have any questions about bbPress, then feel free to ask via comments. I love both questions & bbPress 😉


19 responses to “[bbPress Plugin] How to disable bbPress registrations”

  1. Hi,
    I can use wp user name and password to log in bbpress and same thing I can use bbpress user name and password to log in wordpress. But I log in to wordpress or bbpress either site need to log in again. Another thing is bbpress is not send any email when register through bbpress. So is there any way wordpress reg. take over the bbpress reg. and log in sync each other? Which I try to say is when i log in wordpress bbpress accept as log in and bbpress also same thing. So user can post in bbpress when they log in to wordpress.

    1. You need to integrate them. Find the tutorial on this page http://blog.ashfame.com/bbpress/

  2. thank in advance and sorry for my silly questions. Because I am just newbie in those wordpress and bbpress. my test site is itforall.co.cc for wp. and itforall.co.cc/bbpress for bb.
    Thanks you so much.

  3. saw steven Avatar
    saw steven

    Hi Bro,
    Now bbpress accept with wp login. I need to put this three lines. I don’t know what is the reason. My wp version is 3.1 and bbpress is 1.0.3 if not mistake.

    $bb->wp_table_prefix = 'wp_';
    $bb->wp_home = 'http://itforall.co.cc';
    $bb->wp_siteurl = 'http://itforall.co.cc';

    Again I change bbpress login form redirect to wp. Then I use sidebar login. So user can log in easily and no problem with sign up too. But the problem is I cant log out from bbpress. I realized its because of not using bb-login. Is there any other way to make like ( if wp-logout=true, bb-logout ) something like that. Or better way to do it? Sorry for my bad english too. But I am 100% sure you get what I mean since you have gone through all level in wp and bbpress. Thanks for you advices.

    1. What you have setup by those three lines can be done in bbPress settings too. If you have done the integration correctly, then you shouldn’t be having any problem at all. First make sure logins are in sync before redirecting the logins of one to another.

  4. Thank Bro!

    You are right. I did in “bb-config.php”. And as your advice it is not a problem for logout. It may be because of cache in browser. I use the other machine and it is no problem at all! That means everything is work correctly. But I don’t know yet is there any bug or not. Because if I put the line like ( require once bb-load.php ) in wp-config, is much better sync between wp and bbpress plus faster detection each other but my dashboard of wp is bad in shape. But most of the things are almost up to my mind.

    I know this topic is not for this question. But I dont know where to start either. So pardon me before I ask this question. BBsync is not working in my sites. It show everything is Ok! Yet cannot acative the plugin. In the wordpress side it says your bbpress site cannot connect to wp. And In bbpress aslo the same thing. Is it because of not compatible of wp and bbpress versions or because of problem with (xmlrpc)?

    Thank you so much for your advice and helps.

  5. steven Avatar

    Hi Bro,

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare userphoto_profile_update() (previously declared in ***********/wp-content/plugins/user-photo/user-photo.php:316)

    How do I get the avatars get to work inside BBPress, I just can’t install this plugin :/

    This Error appear when I use user-photo-bbpress. I knowing that is not right place to ask this question. But no body can help me to fix those things. So pardon me for my question.

    And what should I do for that plug in to work perfect?


    1. The error is because the bbPress version of the plugin uses the same name for functions as that of its WordPress counterpart and loading them twice will cause a fatal error.

  6. steven Avatar

    Thanks Bro

    That mean I cannot use that plugin?
    Or need to modify?

  7. steven Avatar

    Or since I’ve integrated with wp, Can i use that photo using in wp to show in bbpress without install.

    1. Theoretically you can, practically your mileage may vary.

  8. steven Avatar

    Thanks Bro!

    I’ll give a try. If success I’ll post on your site. Thank you so much.

  9. saw steven Avatar
    saw steven

    Hi bro,

    I’ve managed to appear photo. But if I change to url “itforall.co.cc/bbpress/uploads/userphoto” both of wordpress and bbpress show photo, upload error. But if I change to url “/home/…./public_html/bbpress/upload/userphoto” bbpress show photo, upload no error, but not show in wordpress itself.

    Is there anything which I do wrong?

    1. Its not going to be easy. You will need some custom code to try doing that.
      I don’t know about the plugin so can’t help.

  10. saw steven Avatar
    saw steven

    Thank you so much. You help me out since I’ve studied the wp and bbpress. I can settle a lots of problem through your advice. Its look like permalinks error. It cannot show sample pictures but its work. I just took off the function parts of bbpress plugin and install it. Then I go to wordpress plugin and modify it until the upload folder goes to bbpress sub folder. If I use simple url its not work and produce error. But if I use /home/…/../, It produce no error but cant see sample pictures and its work in bbpress. Anyway I satisfy with result. It’s no matter not show in wordpress. If you willing to check that plugin I can sent you those modify plugin. Or if you want to check my site you can have the admin permission. Just let me know. Even I can’t do much, for the beginner I could say I’ve done a lots by your helps.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Sorry I don’t have free time. Glad that you got it sorted for you. 🙂

  11. steven Avatar

    Thanks Bro!

    All of my achieve are credits of yours. Everything goes smooth by your advice. Still my site produce some errors. But I’m really enjoy with the results that I’ve done. Look like myself also addicted to php language. I wanna learn that magic language. And wanna give a hand to everybody including myself as you done to me.


    1. Its all about karma 🙂