Check webdesign in different versions of IE

I am a freelancer web designer and as a web designer I design websites that are cross browser compatible. I know how much of a pain is IE for all web designers. So today I am sharing something that will help some, if not many of the web designers (front end developers).

Glary Undelete : Recover deleted files

Whatever be the reason why you deleted a file, now you want it back. Finding your way around? Look no further. Glary Undelete is a software that can take care of the task of recovering files from your drive. And all this at no cost. Yes, its a freeware. Definately worth a try.

GnuCash – Your free personal finance manager!

This guest post was written by Mayank of ReviewSaurus. For more free software reviews, visit ReviewSaurus.com Alright not exactly but yes, you here is an open-source tool which can help you manage your accounts without much hassles. GNU-Cash is the program which I’m talking about here. GNU-Cash is a free and open-source software and which […]