Sofware crack means Security crack

You must have got the point of this post already by reading the title. Almost every Many computer users uses crack either for softwares or for the games. Ever wonder Why would someone create a crack or a no CD patch for games? Don’t tell me about his noble intentions. I already think the way […]

Download Yahoo messenger directly instead of Online installer

If you have downloaded yahoo messenger, you must be aware of the fact that you can’t download Yahoo messenger directly. When you download it, you actually download a Online installer which installs the Yahoo messenger online. And you don’t have a copy of setup too. While having a chat discussion with Nspeaks (a guy who […]

10 Tips to make blogging stress free for new bloggers

Blogging is not a easy job unless you are serious about it and have the burning passion in you to make your blog stand out of the crowd because of your smart work (Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart)