10 Tips to make blogging stress free for new bloggers

Blogging is not a easy job unless you are serious about it and have the burning passion in you to make your blog stand out of the crowd because of your smart work

(Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart)

  1. Time Management : The very first step towards successful blogging is to create quality content that others would like to read. As a new blogger you will have a lot of jobs to do. From writing quality content to optimizing & promoting your blog and not to left, the theme editing and other code modifications require a hell lot of time. So, It is a good point to adopt a time management strategy so that you can keep up different fields of work at the desired level of productivity.
  2. Get Serious – Buy a Domain : If you want to get serious with blogging and want to make it work for you in the long run, go get yourself a domain and start blogging on it. Start now and build reputation of your blog. Self hosted WordPress offers the best blogging platform available on WWW (World Wide Web).
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : SEO is the art of optimizing your blog in eyes of search engines. Its like improving your chances of being shown up when someone searches for a particular thing on a search engine like Google called SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). Neither ignore SEO nor you can get it all in one day. So, it requires a timely study in which you can only slowly master over time. No shortcuts for this. If you mastered in this, traffic will come to your blog over time without you having to do anything. But that doesn’t mean that you are done with your blog. Keep Blogging for success.
  4. Social Bookmarking Sites : Use social bookmarking such as digg, del.icio.us, stumbleupon, furl etc for your posts as these fetch you a lot of backlinks and can drive you traffic, in short can get your blog noticed and a lot more than you expect from these sites. You will need Firefox for using socialmarker, a tool to submit your post to multiple bookmarking sites at once.
  5. Don’t Show Off : Don’t act foolishly by showing your RSS Subscribers (Feed Count), Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Blog worth, Technorati Rank & Authority etc. Since you have just started, these stats are of no use of impressing new visitors. You can show off a 1000cc SportsByke but what’s the deal of showing a 100cc Lawn Mower.
  6. Wait before Promoting your Blog : Don’t get started with promoting your blog unless you have a bunch of really good posts that readers can read and most probably turn into regular readers. Wait until you have some good posts and then start promoting your blog. The same goes with commenting over other blogs. In nut shell don’t expose your self unless you are ready with everything.
  7. Don’t waste Time checking Stats : Yeah don’t waste time checking your blog stats again & again. Since you are very low on traffic right now the stats are of no use unless you are getting some considerable traffic. Just check these things once a while and divert the time in improving the content you are working upon. Either use a tool like iblogstats (still in beta) or make a html page having all the widgets at one place and then just load this page to view your stats. This will save the time you require to open up many sites.
  8. Get Out & Watch the World moving : Don’t just sit staring at your blog and watching its growth, get out and visit many blogs of your niche. Try to understand how other bloggers blog, what they blog about and get a idea of their way of presentation. You will learn something for sure and this will act as a catalyst in your blog’s growth.
  9. What not to Blog about : Its your blog, it should reflect your writing style. Blog about what you want, of course accordingly to your niche but there are few things you should avoid during initial stage of blogging. Don’t blog about “How much addictive are you to blogging?”, “What’s your worth?” and like because nobody will want to know you more if you don’t got what it takes to stand out in a crowd of millions of blogs. A good sign when you can blog about such things is having enough commentators with whom you can share such a thing. Only regular readers will be interested in knowing you more. Don’t expect a friend from a visitor who landed on your page through Search Engine looking for something very specific.
  10. Keep your Blog Neat & Clean : As as a recommendation of many bloggers, monetizing your blog (i.e. placing ads) is not a good idea when you are new. Wait for 3-4 weeks and then start monetizing your blog. I would never like a blog having more number of ads than posts. It reflects that you are blogging for money alone.

Apart from above tips, Blog regularly, always mention source and give credit to the source of your article. Plagiarism is the deadliest sin. Blogging should be your passion. Feel the fire inside you for blogging. And My wishes for every new blogger to become successful.



4 responses to “10 Tips to make blogging stress free for new bloggers”

  1. Very nice tips, Ashish. I seriously need to work on my time management.

    1. Yes, Time management is very important. I also need to change my time management strategy to accommodate studies. Thanks for commenting and Keep visiting.

  2. Nice article, Ashish!
    Another issue to consider is how much “personal” stuff you let in into your blog, especially if it’s a corporate one…

    [Irrelevant content promotion is considered as spam]

  3. @Klaus
    Yes thats important too. More off-topic posts and readers bounce away. Its the content they want, not personal talks unless you are a celebrity. 😛