Sofware crack means Security crack


You must have got the point of this post already by reading the title. Almost every Many computer users uses crack either for softwares or for the games. Ever wonder Why would someone create a crack or a no CD patch for games? Don’t tell me about his noble intentions. I already think the way they think. But this could end you up loosing all your security.

Why Security is important to me?

Security is important for you in todays world because your security breach not only make you loose your important files but also could end up you in trouble. You surely love your data. Don’t you? And why would you want to end up yourself into a trouble when culprit is someone else? Also Read How a hacker can end you in trouble?

How Cracks are harmful?

What are cracks? Basically they are files that you either replace with the original one or it patches the original executable with some modified code of its own. Lets see it your way. You need a crack to get a full unrestricted version of the software. You searched for it and applied it when you found it. You are done at your end. This might not be the case every time but its a case many times. Crack contains a malicious code which when executed at user end breach the security, no matter how strong it is. Also Read How a hacker can gain access to your PC?

What should I do?

  • Go for a Clean install of Operating System (Go with Linux if you don’t have genuine OS)
  • Stop using cracks (If you really need paid products, consider buying them)
  • Switch to Free-ware & Open Source softwares (they are free & source code is available so that you exactly know how it works)
  • Install a Anti-virus, Firewall & Anti-spyware software (Here also go for either free or paid one)
  • Keep your OS & Softwares Updated

Need any kind of suggestion on going the clean way. How much are you concern with your security? Do let me know through your comments.


2 responses to “Sofware crack means Security crack”

  1. Its true that Hackers/Crackers have no noble intentions, but then the cracks are not shown as Threat when scanned thru Anti-virus. How do you explain that? jus curious…

    1. Take it like this. I develop a crack of a particular software and also embed the trojan in it. Now when you use my crack, my trojan gets installed on your PC and rest all is done. Anti viruses can only detect known malicious codes and some unknown codes to some extent. Nothing provides you full protection.