How to switch torrents between different torrent clients

Alright, here is a quick post on how you can move your torrents file from one torrent client to another. Or you may need to shift your old torrents to new torrent client to continue seeding them. Whatever be the case, the procedure is very simple and easy. Before we proceed, I want you to […]

View torrent video before downloading them completely

Everyone know we need to download the whole file from torrents before we can view it. Some torrents do have sample videos with them and user can download them first and see if this quality will suffice to their needs of watching the video but most of the times, the torrent doesn’t have any sample […]

What are torrents and how to download by using torrents

Many people keep asking me how can I download movies from internet and when I reply that movies are available and can be downloaded from torrents, their next question is what is a torrent? And I believe that if someone is new to torrent, it would be difficult to understand the basic working of things. […]